Seven tools to create more interaction

Visitors who are involved are a must for a successful event. But how do you ensure that there is enough interaction during the event and that visitors get involved? There are various tools available on the market that you can use to stimulate interaction – both between you and your visitors and visitor-to-visitor. We’ve selected a number of tools you can use to stimulate interaction during events.


With NetworkTables you can ensure that the right people get to sit down together. The different formulas give visitors an insight before the event into who else will be attending. Visitors get to see an overview of the available tables and can choose their place strategically based on the other people present. NetworkTables also offers convenient solutions for one-on-one meetings and sessions in the form of matchmaking solutions and algorithms. Networking becomes a lot easier when you already know in advance who you’re going to meet.


Glisser is an effective way to involve audiences during presentations. You can share presentation slides live on the audience’s mobile devices and increase involvement with live polls, notes, Q&As, quizzes and a Twitter wall. Create interaction with your audience and get valuable analytics with regard to the event afterwards.


With LiveWall you can stimulate interaction at events by displaying social media messages on large screens. Create your own LiveWall and instantly share your visitors’ latest messages. For greater effectiveness, intersperse the messages with videos, ads, live camera images or polls, for example. During the event, all data from your social media channels will also be collected, giving you direct access to the associated statistics.

Yes! We Connect

Yes! We Connect is about connecting visitors, especially when they don’t know each other well yet. Participants receive an invitation to create their personal profile by answering different questions. Groups are formed on the basis of shared connections between the participants. The question then is what each group’s shared connection is, and participants find this out during various rounds. Yes! We Connect is especially effective for introductory sessions, teambuilding, network sessions, change processes and similar purposes.

Het Sociale Paradijs

Het Sociale Paradijs (mind you, only in Dutch) connects visitors during events in a unique way. Get visitors to make a drink together in the cocktail lab, search for ingredients together during the Caprese challenge or go fishing together and try to catch a packet of crackers. Light-hearted ways to break the ice during an event and bring visitors into contact with each other.


To encourage reactions from the audience, you can send a microphone round during presentations. Catchbox designs microphones that can be thrown around by the audience. An amusing way to involve the audience during presentations without fumbling with a handheld microphone.


With Gamification you can improve interaction in a competitive way. Visitors earn points individually or as a team. These points can be earned by doing a task, listening to a (product) pitch or contacting with other visitors. The ranking will be shown in real time, guest can see how many points they have got and their ranking. Adding a competitive factor to an event will lower the boundary to interact and meeting new people. The organiser makes the tasks and decides how much each task is worth.

There are many tools on the market to create more interaction. Find out for yourself which ones suit your events best.