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Event websites

Look & feel

Easily adapt the event website to the style of the event or corporate identity. Add a banner, logo and background image and choose the correct color settings. This way, your event communication fully matches the corporate identity, including your own domain name.

Responsive design

An event website that automatically adapts to the device of your website visitors. Desktop, tablet or smartphone, a perfect representation of your event website everywhere.


Talk to guests in their native language so that they feel personally addressed. Create an event site in one or more languages. In the Halito! platform, more than 20 languages are active.

Manage pages

Choose the right type of page and create the content of your pages in no time. Add texts, media, tables, forms, the location or a photo album. By duplicating pages and forms, setting up event websites becomes even more efficient.

Show real-time guest list

For each event you can choose to show a guest list of the registered participants. You choose which fields from the registration form are shown in the guest list. A direct link to the LinkedIn profile can also be added. Make sure that all guests give permission for this.

Own domain name

Communicate all events via your own domain name. This way, your event website matches the corporate identity of the organization, without Halito! branding.

Event information

All event information is visible at a glance throughout the entire event website and available to every guest. The event information includes start date and time, end date and time, location and time zone.

No branding by Halito!

The word or mark “Halito!” does not appear anywhere in the communication to your guests. We do not want to position ourselves towards your guests in any way. You will not recognize us in the e-mail campaigns or the domain name either.

An example of an event website from Halito!

Manage pages from Halito!

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An event website: indispensable for your event

Organizing an event? Create visibility and reach with an event website

Of course you want your event to be a great success. To welcome a large number of visitors to your event, you need visibility and reach. The best way to put your event on the map? That is through an event site.

What is an event site?

An event website is a temporary site with all information about your event. Visitors can see when your event takes place, but also what the location is, what the program of your event looks like, which speakers they can expect and which workshops they can follow. Of course, the website also has a contact page and registration form. This way you not only create interaction, but you also ensure conversion.

Launch your website quickly and easily

Don’t have any experience building websites? No problem! With Halito!’s event website software you can easily and quickly create a website, even without any technical knowledge. How, you ask? First you choose the right type of page. You can then fill it with the desired content at lightning speed. Think of texts, images, videos, tables and forms. In this way you build your complete website.

Determine your own content

You decide for yourself which content should be on your website. For example, you want to add a text page or remove a page? This can be done in no time. Our event website software is self explanatory. And what if you only want to make a page visible to certain visitors? Then you can put a password on it. For example, you can create a web page about a workshop and then make it accessible only to participants.

Your own look & feel

You have thought carefully about the corporate identity of your event. For example, you have already had a nice logo designed and maybe even had flyers, posters or brochures printed. Of course you want your web design to fit seamlessly with your existing corporate identity. With Halito!’s software this is not a problem. Our event planner software makes it possible to build your website entirely in your own look & feel.

Good to know: a Halito! website is always white label. This means that our logo will not appear on your website. Your website is therefore all yours.

Choose your own domain name

A website always needs a domain name. A domain name is a unique web address that gives your website a place on the internet. If you create an event website with our user-friendly software, you decide which domain name you want to use.
We recommend that you use the name of your event for this. Avoid using extra characters, such as dashes and periods. This makes your domain name easier to remember and to type in the address bar.

For a complete event customer journey

An event is more than just the event itself. The customer journey of your event starts long before the day your event actually takes place. And when your event is over, the customer journey isn’t finished yet. Even after the event, you want to continue to take your visitors into your story.

We understand this all too well. That is why our event organizer website supports your complete event customer journey. Before the event you can use the website to inquire. During the event you can update your website in real time with relevant information. And after the event, your website has definitely not become worthless. You can now use it to publish a photo album or survey. With an event planner website from Halito! you complete the circle, for a complete event customer journey.

A successful event with Halito!

Since 2010, we have been offering event professionals support in organizing events, in all shapes and sizes. With our event software you make project management around your event a lot easier. We offer you all the tools to make your event a great success. Think of a complete event management platform, but also a beautiful event planning website.

Want to know more? Do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to answer your questions.

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Frequently asked questions

No, Halito! is way more. It is a complete event website where you can add pages yourself with, for example, a welcome word, program, practical information, background information about the guest speakers, but also photos, videos, presentations, … And all this in multiple languages.

Certainly. You don’t need any technical knowledge for it. Halito! works with a very user-friendly editor that allows you to quickly add pages and format their content. You can add photos, videos, a hyperlink to another page or website, a survey, table, etc.

Of course. You can adjust the main colors of both the event website and the event invitation, upload a logo and one or more header images. You can set this differently per event site so that each event website is unique.

We solve this with a custom theme, for website and e-mails. Based on the guidelines and the corporate identity, we implement this in our event platform. We also take into account the context of event websites and the differences with a corporate website so that it becomes a pleasant experience for participants to visit the event website.

Of course. It is certainly the intention that participants with every device have a pleasant experience on the event website and that they can register quickly. In that context, it is important to keep the event websites tight and clear and not to overload them with animations.