From employee to dedicated employee may sound like a marketing slogan, but with Halito! this really comes from our DNA. One of our new colleagues recently looked back on the first months at Halito!. Below is Dana’s report.

From the first contact with Halito! I knew and felt: I want to work here! Right from the get-go I get a clear picture of how the selection procedure would work. What particularly appealed to me was the promise that I would meet the entire team so that I too could decide how well I would fit into the company.

The application itself didn’t feel like a job application at all. It was a dialogue where everyone introduced themselves professionally and personally. The open vacancy was presented on the basis of a number of very concrete cases and I my opinions were asked. I was also allowed to ask all possible questions. What I had never experienced before was an enthusiastic explanation of the DNA and values at Halito!. When I got to know the DNA, it was an easy and conscious decision to choose Halito! 😊

On my first day at work, my name was written in chalk on a nice welcome board. Time was really made to show me around the office and introduce myself to all future colleagues. I immediately felt included in the Halito! team. I even got a nice welcome package with a book about the DNA of Halito!, gadgets and a high-performance PC. I was involved in meetings from the start. What struck me was the great mutual respect for each other, even if the opinions were not the same. My opinion as a newbie counted just as much as that of colleagues who have been working at Halito! for several years.

At Halito!, we put great importance to developing our own talents. We write our own development plan and implement it ourselves. The colleagues all give each other feedback. We regularly update each other about our progress and we also take the time to share new evolutions and trends.

And we go the extra mile in everything! For example, one of our colleagues recently left for another job. We said our goodbyes extensively and urged her to remain a Halito! ambassador forever. She didn’t doubt that for a moment. We praised her on social media and got a lot of positive reactions to that. We will see her again next month at the reunion event. Yes, former colleagues are still welcome. We secretly hope that she will return to us someday.

Bart, our CEO, is not in the office every day, but he doens’t need to be. However, if you need him, he is very quickly available. I actually see him more as a mentor than a boss and I think that’s how he likes it the most.

We work as a very self-managing team  and take all operational decisions ourselves. This gives a lot of responsibility but also freedom at the same time. If you can handle that, you’ve come to the right place.

Oh right, I get 4 extra vacation days if I exercise regularly: 60 minutes of exercise = 10 minutes of vacation. Damn hey!

I didn’t quite understand the slogan from employee to employee in the beginning. But that’s starting to change. After all, working at Halito! is more than a job. It is being included in a club that takes care of each other and where hard work and fun are perfectly balanced.

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