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Paid events

Payment Service Providers

Halito! works with various payment service providers for paying events. The entire payment and billing process is automated through Halito!. Guests pay easily online in a protected environment. After successful payment, guests will automatically receive an invoice.

Entrance fees

Enter the entrance fee for the event and determine the VAT percentage. If you work with different components, such as paying workshops or hotel stays, set the price separately for each component.

Discount codes

Take advantage of early bird prices to promote your event. Grant discounts to specific groups or individuals with unique discount codes.

Payment methods

You can pay directly online via iDEAL, credit card, PayPal or afterwards via invoice. The participant himself indicates to which e-mail address the invoice should be sent.

Manage payments

Connect Halito! with your accounting package and gain immediate insight into your financial situation. See who’s already paid, send reminders, and let Halito! automatically communicate with your accounting package. This gives the right people immediate insight into the status of the event.

Configure the settings of your paying events

Overview of the costs during the registration process

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The ticket system for corporate paying events - Halito!

For top notch paid events: Halito!

There is a lot to consider when organizing an event. If you organize a paid event, your to-do list will grow quickly. Now you also have to think about the event payment process, draw up a payment email for events and also arrange a proof of payment for your guests.

Halito!’s software offers all the necessary features to organize your event from A to Z. Halito! also offers the necessary support in the field of payment processes, payment e-mails and payment receipts. With our software you are completely unburdened and you are guaranteed to make your event a great success.

How does it work?

Halito!’s event platform offers many different features for event professionals. You will also find various handy tools in our platform in the field of invoicing process events and event payment process.

How exactly does this work? First you determine the price or prices of your event. You can then easily and quickly prepare e-invoices for your customers. You forward these invoices to your customers in the form of an automated payment email for events. The invoices also end up directly in your accounting software. Customers can pay via a fully secured payment environment. After payment, they receive a receipt.

Get the best out of your day

As an event professional you are extremely busy. The entire organization of the event rests entirely on your shoulders. You certainly can’t process payments manually. Fortunately, you can arrange this very efficiently with Halito!. Using Halito! you can be sure that the payment process for events is optimally arranged. And you have time to check the many other things on your to-do list.

Pay online in a safe environment

With Halito!, the guests of your event can easily and quickly pay online for their entrance ticket. They always do this in a completely secure payment environment. This payment environment is directly linked to your Payment Service Provider (PSP). After the payment, a guest always receives a proof of payment for events. This way he or she knows for sure that the payment has indeed been successful. Easy does it!

Set your own prices

Every event is unique. For one event, guests pay a small contribution, other events are a bit more expensive. With Halito you determine the admission price of your event yourself. You can change this at any time in our event platform.

It is even possible to determine a price per part. For example, are you organizing several workshops during your event and is one workshop slightly more expensive than the other? No problem! With Halito you can determine the price per part.

Surprise your customers with discount codes

Everyone likes a discount. Do you want to surprise your customers? Then send them emails with discount codes. Your customers can enter this code when buying a ticket. The discount is now automatically deducted from the total price. Of course, as an event professional, you determine how high this discount should be. It is even possible to send one customer a higher discount code than another.

E-invoicing made easy

You are organizing a paid event and want to make the entire e-invoicing and e-commerce process as easy as possible? Then choose the event software from Halito!. You can now try our software for free for one week, without any obligation. For example, you don’t have to leave your payment details to try our software for free for a week.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. With promo codes you can offer certain people or target groups a better price than the standard price. With an early bird you can encourage participants to register for the event earlier because they pay less. With an early bird you also get faster insight into the interest in your event.

Of course. We ensure that the invoice contains a reference or structured communication with which payment can be made to your account. Halito! therefore does not receive the funds on its account itself, but works together with a Payment Service Provider (PSP).

We sure do! Halito! automatically prepares invoices from an invoice book that comply with all legal obligations. You can easily export them to PDF or Excel. If desired, the names of participants can also be stated on the invoice.

At Halito! we are not committed to 1 PSP. We like to leave you the choice, so that you can negotiate the best service cost with every PSP depending on the sales price and the volume of tickets. You don’t need any technical knowledge for the integration itself.

The Payment Service Provider (PSP) takes care of that. In their platform you can choose the different payment methods, including international transactions. Each payment method has a price, determined by the PSP. So you can easily compare which party is the best fit for you.