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Event evaluation

Photo album

Share the photos of the event afterwards in a photo album on the website. Upload all the photos in the media gallery and turn it into a photo album page. By default, the photos are shown in small size on the website and enlarged by clicking on them.


Evaluate the success of the event with a survey. Choose from various entry fields such as a text field, list box or rating scale. View the results of the survey in real time. You choose whether the guests participate in the survey anonymously or whether their personal data is kept.

Thank guests

Send an email campaign afterwards to thank your guests for attending the event. Share photos, videos, presentations or a link to the survey. Communicate separately to the no-shows and charge a no-show fee if necessary.

Event ROI

Halito! makes measuring the success of the event a lot more efficient. Various statistics and reports give you insight into whether the predefined goals have been achieved. This way you not only gain insight into what went well, but also into areas for improvement.

Ask guests about their experience afterwards

The results of the survey are available in real time

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Evaluate the success of your events with a handy survey - Halito!

A successful event? You find out with event evaluation

Your event is finished. You have experienced it as a very successful day, but what do your guests think about this? There is only one way to find out, which is by evaluating your event.

Evaluate your event with a survey

The best way to evaluate your event is to send the guests a questionnaire. In this survey for your event, include all the questions you want to ask your guests. These can be open questions or multiple choice questions.

How did your guests experience communication before the event, during the event and after the event? What did they think of the speakers? And how was the accessibility of the event location? You can include these questions one by one in the survey for the evaluation of your event.

Evaluate your event with Halito!

With Halito!’s software you can set up a questionnaire quickly and easily. Via the platform you send your guests an invitation to participate in the evaluation of the event. The completed questionnaires end up in your event platform. Here you can view the results immediately. Now the evaluation can begin.

Gain interesting insights

An evaluation about the event offers you interesting insights. About the things you did well, but also about the things you could have done better. These insights help you to perform even better in the future. This way you can make your next event even more successful.

Discover a trend

It is interesting to compare the results of various events. Have you received interesting feedback after your previous event and have you included it in the organization of the next edition? Then you can easily measure whether these improvements have indeed been well received. You do this by comparing the results of event one to the results of event two. This way you discover an interesting and valuable trend.

Thank your guests

Sending an evaluation about the event is also a good time to thank your guests for attending. Make it clear in the accompanying text how much you appreciate them. And because you appreciate them so much, you are curious how they experienced the event. This positive text makes your guests feel good and encourages them to complete your questionnaire.

Share interesting content

You can also use the evaluation to share interesting content. For example, did you take nice photos at the event and would you like to share them with your guests? Then you can add some photos in the accompanying email. Adding videos, presentations and even video streams is also an option.

With Halito!’s software you can personalize your event communication. Not only by importing the names of guests, but also by adding content of your choice. However you want to communicate with your target group: we support your vision and make it possible to implement all your ideas.

For and by event professionals: Halito!

Since 2010, Halito! has provided event professionals with the necessary tools to organize successful events. Our extensive software offers all the features to make your event a great success.

Want to know more about our software? Please feel free to contact us.

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Because the reactions of the participants give you insights into how they experienced and experienced the event. There are always a number of things that you, as an organizer, see differently from the participant and you can take that knowledge with you to raise the bar a little higher for the next event.

You can indeed evaluate the success and points for improvement of an event with Halito!. View the results of the survey in real time. You choose whether the guests participate in the survey anonymously or whether their personal data is kept.

With Halito you can send a mailing in no time to all guests who were present at the event. You can refer them to a page where they can find, for example, photos, videos, the recording of an online or hybrid event, presentations by guest speakers, etc. You can also include a link to a survey.

Sharing content is very important, especially if it concerns a knowledge event such as a training or education. You share the content by creating a new page in Halito!. With a mailing campaign you immediately reach all participants in the event.

You can share all relevant content after the event. Think of photos, videos, presentations by guest speakers, links to blog articles or social media, but also the recording of an online or hybrid event.