You can generate more reach for your (online) event with participants who have just registered. After all, guests who register for your event are enthusiastic! They want to visit your event, gain knowledge, network and catch up with acquaintances during the break or reception afterwards. But how often have you just bought a ticket or registered yourself, only to share your enthusiasm about that event with someone from your network?

Easy ways to generate more reach

Event managers often miss the opportunity to make use of these enthusiastic visitors – and that is a real shame. Call it a viral marketing boost or growth marketing; there is no easier (and cheaper) way than to use enthusiastic relations as ambassadors for your event.

In this blog I wrote why you want ambassadors and how to turn your visitor into an ambassador. But how are you going to deploy all those ambassadors? I discuss some clever ways.

First things first

Pay attention to the customer event journey: which content do you share at what time and which action do you associate with it? After all, your primary goal is for invitees to register for your event. The next step is to use his/her enthusiasm.

People are easily distracted, so you should actually be happy that your invitation is read. Keep the attention by always giving one or a maximum of two choices. Convert someone from the invitation to your event website, then to the registration form and finally to the magic sign up button – after all the details have been entered of course 😉

Generating a bigger reach for your (online) event: the next step

After registration, the participant is enthusiastic and wants to share that enthusiasm. Or he/she realizes that your event might also be interesting for a colleague or relation. Take advantage of this thought and let the guest who just registered deploy his or her network. This can be done by means of:

  • Tell-a-Friend
  • Social sharing opportunities

The difference between the two options is actually very simple. With a Tell-a-Friend, the guest enters the e-mail addresses of relations that he thinks are also interested in your event. A personal invitation will then be sent. A social share option allows the guest to share your event via his or her social media accounts. This allows you to potentially create a greater reach, but of course you do not know whether the network of your relationship is interesting. Of course you don’t have to choose, because with your Halito event website! you can combine both options.

And that’s how you achieve your goal: generate more reach for your event!

What experience do you have with growth marketing for your events? We are curious about your success stories! Share them with us at