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On-site access control

Design personalized e-tickets

After their registration, guests automatically receive a confirmation email and – if desired – an e-ticket with barcode. Personalize the e-ticket and add all practical information about the event.

Barcode scanners / Access Control

Avoid waiting times at the start of your event by scanning an e-ticket with a hand scanner or smartphone. By scanning an e-ticket on arrival, you receive real-time insight into the participants of the event.

Shows / No-shows

Register the shows/no-shows upon receipt of the event by scanning the personal e-tickets. As a result, you know exactly which guests were present and you follow them closely. This way you can see at a glance who the ‘shows’ and ‘no shows’ are. Useful information for evaluating the event afterwards.

Use personalized badges

Use personalized badges for all visitors, completely adapted to your desired style. You can supplement the badges yourself with all relevant information such as the program, the workshop choice, logos and of course the name of the visitor. No suitable printer or do you want to print in real-time? There is a solution for everything.

Create multiple registration points

Real-time insight into the number of guests present

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Guarantee smooth access control at the event location - Halito!

During an event you only want visitors who have been invited or who have bought a ticket. By using Halito! you can let your visitors buy a ticket (online). This system can also be used to provide guests, who do not have to pay, with a ticket. The ticket/e-ticket that the visitor has received by email is scanned at the entrance. By scanning you maintain an overview of which visitors are present and which are not (yet). This gives you as an event professional a good overview of the visitors and you get nice statistics. Ticket systems and access control are the basis of control and overview of your event and also guarantee safety.

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Frequently asked questions

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket that is sent to your guests by e-mail. The big advantage is that your guests cannot lose or forget an e-ticket (as long as they have a smartphone with them). The e-ticket itself is a PDF document with a clear barcode or QR code and all practical information about the event.

After participants have successfully registered, they will receive a confirmation email with an e-ticket. This e-ticket is used as an entrance ticket for your guests. The ticket/e-ticket is scanned at the entrance. By scanning, you as an event manager maintain an overview of which visitors are present and which are not (yet).

Within Halito! there is a scanning module with which we scan the e-ticket of each participant. In this way you can monitor the number of participants in real-time. Those who have not been scanned are on the no-show status. This is useful for follow-up communication via e-mail.

Absolutely! We rent and sell all types of scanners that are compatible with our platform and advise you in making the right choice. We have both static and dynamic solutions, depending on how the reception at your event is set up. We also help you calculate exactly how many scanners you need.

Especially if networking is an objective of your event, personalized badges are very useful. You can choose the style yourself, just like the content. For example, you can supplement a badge with the participant’s personal program, the choice of workshop, etc.