As an event planner, there is a lot to consider when organizing an event. From inviting visitors to planning the workshops to site access control and site decoration, everything has to be thought of. Therefore, the project management of an event can become very cluttered and chaotic.

Get an overview through an online event management tool

Do you want to avoid chaos and obscurity? In that case, we recommend that you use event management tools, such as Halito!. With our event technology you have insight into the registration of visitors for your offline, online or hybrid event, all in one place. This way you can easily stay informed about the current status of your invitations, registrations, workshops, e-ticketing, access control and much more. This allows you, as an event organizer, to focus on preparing the location, arranging guest speakers, and many more important things.

The possibilities of an event management tool

With event management software you can manage your visitor registration from A to Z. So what does this process look like? Let's go through it step by step:


First of all, it is important to create an online business card in the form of an event website. You can completely personalize your event website at Halito! to your house style and domain name. This creates instant recognizability for the visitor and allows you to promote your event.

On your event site, you can easily create multiple pages with information about the speakers, the program, the location and possibly which guests have registered. This allows the visitor to find all information about your event in one place, in a clear manner.

Are you organizing an international event? You can launch the website in multiple languages so that everyone can come to your event. To make it even easier, the event website adapts to the device that the visitor uses. It does not matter whether the website is opened on a desktop, mobile or tablet. Well so professional.


After creating your event site, it is time to invite visitors. Do you have a guest list? You can easily import the guests into the Halito! software. Are you not sure whether all email addresses are correct or if there are duplicates? No problem! The event software removes these easily.

You can divide your guest list into different groups so that you can send mailings to different types of guests. Very practical if you wish to sell different types of tickets. You can of course also personalize the e-mails, so that the recipient immediately knows that the e-mail comes from your company/event.

Since these are busy times with lots of distractions, it is useful to send your guests a reminder. An easy way to do this is to add a save-the-date and send an SMS reminder just before the event. This way everyone is informed and you significantly reduce the number of no-shows.


When your guests have received an invitation, they can register. With the software from Halito! you can completely adapt the registration form to your event. This allows invitees to register directly for a workshop, register multiple colleagues, choose to attend the event online or live and pay immediately when you organize a paid event. To keep everything in order, you can set a limit to the number of places at a workshop. Is the workshop full? Then the visitors will be placed on a waiting list.

The advantage of managing your visitor registration online is that your guest list is up-to-date. You no longer have to keep track of who is coming and which workshop(s) they are going to visit in Excel. You will always see that a number of visitors want to go to another workshop, due to circumstances want to attend the event online or are unable to come. Try processing that in your Excel file…

There is often little or no communication between the registration and the event. The risk is that visitors will forget your event or eventually stop coming. What you want to achieve is interaction! That is why it is possible to use an event app. Your visitors can download this event app (for free). On this app, you can provide extra information about your event, stimulate interaction and send push messages. The visitor stays in touch with your event and is already warming up before the start!


Yes, your event is about to begin! You are slightly tense and hope that the visitors will have a great time. Fortunately, you use event software that makes welcoming and registering run smoothly.

This is because the guests download an e-ticket before they come to your event. You first designed this e-ticket yourself in the house style of your company or event. The e-ticket is quickly scanned and visitors can walk through it. This way of event ticketing prevents long waiting times and you are immediately aware of the number of visitors who are on location since everything is registered.

When the visitor is inside, they receive a personalized badge. On this badge, you can put all relevant information such as the program, the choice of workshop(s), logos and of course the name of the visitor.

The event

During your event you want visitors to be optimally involved in the workshops and guest speakers. But it is often difficult to encourage this. Via the event app, you can improve interaction and engagement by sharing live slides, polls, quizzes and Q&As during the event. This really engages your visitors and it is also fun to do!

Not all events are live these days. There are so many new options. You can opt for an online event, but also for a hybrid event; online and live merged. By streaming your event, visitors can also attend your event from their own homes or office.


It was a fantastic day or several days. Your event has become a success! How nice is it to let your visitors relive this day? This can be done by sending a personal email thanking the guests for coming, containing nice photos, an after movie and/or a presentation of a workshop they attended. This way the engagement remains after the event and you can hint that a new edition is coming.

But organizing an event is not all roses and moonshine…. Unfortunately, there will be no-shows. You can send the no-shows a separate email with what they have missed so that they will come to your event next year! In addition, you could send the no-shows a no-show fee.

To measure the real success of your event, it is nice to get feedback. You can send a link to a survey in your thank you email. This survey provides valuable information for a possible next event.

Analysing your event

In addition to the results of the survey, you can view many more statistics in the Halito! software. Various statistics and reports give you insight into whether the predefined goals have been achieved. This way you not only gain insight into what went well but also into areas for improvement.

This way you get insights into the result per e-mail campaign. How many emails have been delivered, and bounced and which emails have been opened? Via Google or Adobe Analytics, you can see how many visitors have visited your event website and you gain insight into the statistics of the visitors to your event.

The best event management tool

There are plenty of event management platforms. This makes it difficult to determine which one suits your event best. When you want to use the features described in this article, we would recommend using Halito!. In addition to these features, you are also assured of good help from our customer success team!

Want to know more about Halito! and how our software can make your event a success? Schedule a conversation with us!