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What is event software?

With the event software from Halito! you can easily set up your event communication. The ease of use of Halito! is very high. All actions are done online (you don’t have to download anything) and are performed from one central environment. Your guests are also welcomed in one central place: your event website. Discover all our features for corporate events.

The login screen of Halito! is clear and calms. I'm ready to get started right away!

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Discover what Halito! means for your event registration and communication. These are the features.

Event websites

Launch an event site in your corporate house style using user-friendly software. Build your event site with an unlimited number of pages.

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Event invitation

Import guest lists and send invitees a personalized online invitation in the corporate house style from the built-in e-mail platform.

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Visitor registration

Manage registrations in one place for a real-time and up-to-date overview of your visitors. Create segments and export to Excel at the touch of a button.

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Online and hybrid events

Switch to online and hybrid events. Play the livestream on your event website for registered guests, and activate the chat and track shows and no-shows.

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Let participants put together a personal program in a user-friendly way. Optionally set a maximum number of participants and price.

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Paid events

Automate paying events and set prices, VAT, discounts and promo codes. Send participants an invoice and let them pay online or via bank transfer.

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Check-in with smartphone

The check-in app from Halito! allows you to quickly scan participants for any event. You get real-time insights of shows and no-shows at any event.

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On-site access control

Avoid queues and ensure a smooth flow of guests. Scan QR codes at the entrance and register shows and no-shows. Detect VIPs and guide them.

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Event evaluation

Send a thank you mail, add photos, videos and presentations. Request feedback with a survey and gain insight into the success of each event.

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API Integration

Use the standardized integration with our API, a simple building kit to get you started. Connect to SAP, any CRM and/or accounting package.

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Event tools and apps

Add value and experience before, during and after the event with event tools and apps that we link and direct to Halito! smartly

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User management

Thanks to user management you can perfectly arrange access for event directors, event managers, event freelancers, interns and event hosts.

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Get real-time insights on invitee status, registrations, cancellations, email campaigns and shows/no-shows. Export all reports.

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The many features of our event software

There is a lot to consider when organizing an event. We have developed software that optimally supports you in organizing your event, whether it is a small event or an international event. How do we support you? We are happy to tell you more! Here you can read more about our software and the many features that our tool offers.

What is event software?

Organizing an event becomes a lot easier and more fun with our event software. Our tool helps you to carry out all communication around your event at a high level – from A to Z. There is no need to download software, because our tool works completely online.

Why event planning software?

With Halito!’s software you make the organization of your event a lot easier. In one central place you can manage everything that needs to be arranged. This leaves you time for other important matters and raises your event to an (even) higher level. You will see: with Halito! organizing an event is not only easier, but also more fun!

The many features of Halito!

Of course you are curious about what organizing an event with our online event software looks like. We are happy to tell you more about the many features of our event software.

Easily set up an event website

Promoting your event online? Then you need an event website. With Halito! you can easily and quickly set up a website for your event. Fully customized and in your own house style.

Publish a live stream

Are you organizing an online event, a virtual meeting or hybrid event? With Halito! you can publish a livestream on your event website. This way your target group can participate in your event from the comfort of their home.

Send event invites

You want to welcome as many guests as possible to your event. That is why the event invitations play a major role in your event communication. Halito! helps you to easily and quickly send thousands of invitations to your target group. And when participants register? Then our event registration feature shows this immediately to you.

Register guests

With Halito! you manage the guest registration from one central point. This overview is updated in real time, for optimal event management.

Receive payments

Are you organizing a paid event? Then you can use our software to receive payments. You no longer have to manually follow up, but instead can relax and take advantage of our fully automated online event software.

Level access control

Long lines at the entrance of your event? Of course you want to avoid this. If you use our software for events, you can be sure that the flow will be smooth. We offer level access control.

Event evaluation from A to Z

When you close the doors of your event location, you are not done yet. You want to thank the visitors of your event for their presence. You also want to send out a survey to measure the satisfaction of your target group. Good news: this is also possible with Halito!’s event planning software.

Privacy and security

You want to be able to guarantee the visitors of your event that you handle their data with care. If you use the event registration tool from Halito!, you can promise this without any problems. We offer the highest standard in the field of privacy and security.

Set up an event app

An app offers a lot of added value for the visitors of your event. With our event software you can easily set up a professional event app.

Real-time insight into statistics

You can only measure the success of your event with the right numbers. With our event planning software you have real-time insight into all statistics. Whether you are organizing an online, hybrid or live event.