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If you are organizing an event with workshops, your guests can easily put together a personal program using the workshop module. The workshops are clearly presented and are provided with a photo and a short description.

Set a limit

Set a limit on the number of participants per workshop. This prevents more guests from registering than possible, for example due to the capacity of the event location.

Avoid overlaps

Each workshop has its own start and end time. Participants cannot book workshops that overlap. As a result, we guarantee that they only put together a realistic program.


Use an (additional) cost for participation in a workshop, which guests pay directly online after completing their registration. A different cost price can be set for each workshop.

Let your guests easily put together a personal program

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Every guest a personal program

You organize a conference or other type of event and offer different sessions for which guests can register. Take advantage of the useful workshop module in Halito!.

Integrated in the registration form

The workshop module, with which you give guests the opportunity to put together a personal program, is fully integrated in the registration form. It therefore requires no extra steps from invitees and after registering and possibly making the payment, the registration is therefore completely completed.

Personal program

Participants of your corporate event have different needs. By alternating a plenary session with sub-sessions, workshops or other elective components, you give each guest the opportunity to plan his/her participation as effectively and valuable as possible.

A personalized program can be displayed in email campaigns, on the e-ticket, printed on badges or in an event app.

Avoid overlaps

Each participant looks forward to a varied program where he/she can choose from speakers and workshops that only interest him/her. With the workshop module you can simultaneously schedule several workshops from which participants make their choice.

It is important for a participant that he/she does not have overlaps in the choice of workshops. For example, if you choose a workshop that lasts until 10:30, you may not have the option to choose another workshop that starts at 10:00. We have arranged this with Halito in such a way that this situation cannot arise. This way everyone can put together their own program to get the most out of your event.

Paying for a workshop

In this workshop module it is possible to set a cost price per workshop. At first sight, this seems strange because a participant of a paying event has probably already paid a price for access to the event. Still, making a workshop paying is an option to consider.

After all, a cost price assigns value to the content of each workshop, with each guest choosing whether that value is relevant to him/her. The threshold is raised, but participants who register for this really come for the content. They are also less likely to drop out, which means that as an event manager you significantly limit the number of no-shows.

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Frequently asked questions

Workshop is a broad concept and is aimed at deepening expertise, gaining new ideas, but also practicing practical situations. The participants who register themselves are expected to take action and interaction because the emphasis is on knowledge sharing. The duration is relatively short, from an hour to half a day.

There are several reasons why you can incorporate workshops into your event. In the first place, it gives the participant variety in the program because he/she is expected to make his/her own contribution that is shared with other participants. In addition, a workshop is an extremely effective way to allow participants to gain new insights. Furthermore, with a workshop you can also create support between the participants to make decisions.

The first difference is in the duration. Workshops are much shorter and last from one hour to a maximum of half a day. Training takes longer and can be spread over several days. In addition, workshops are much more interactive than training courses. In training courses, the knowledge is transferred by the guest speaker, in workshops it mainly comes from the participants themselves.

Because a workshop does not last long, you have to use the time efficiently. Make it clear to the registered participants what the purpose of the workshop is. Otherwise you will never achieve the desired result. In addition, make sure that everyone has their say and can express their opinion and share knowledge. Ideally, you make sure that everyone has about the same amount of time to speak.