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Event invitation

Import guest list

Import your guest list directly into the Halito! platform. Duplicate and incorrect email addresses are automatically filtered out of the file. By creating groups you can efficiently send the campaigns to the right target group.

Email campaigns

You can easily set up email campaigns in the Halito! platform. Segment the invitees by creating different target groups. Choose the right target group(s) and send the e-mail campaign immediately or choose a suitable later time. Get real-time insights into your campaign results in comprehensive reports.

Confirmation email

Create personalized confirmation emails. Invitees will automatically receive a confirmation email based on a chosen answer in the registration form. For example, invitees who can attend will receive a different e-mail than those who are absent.

Look & feel

Customize the email campaigns in the style of the event. Add a banner, images and personalize your messages. Your invitees will receive a personal invitation that matches your event website.


Easily add a save-the-date to invitations. For example, invitees can note the event in their agenda with one click.

Sms campaign

Send a reminder just before the event or communicate last minute changes with an SMS campaign. Decide for yourself which target group(s) you want to reach and plan the campaigns in advance. View the results of the SMS campaign in a clear report.

Send personal invitations via email

Send a personalized SMS campaign as a reminder or thank you

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Send an online invitation for your event

A flying start with a personalized event invitation

The organization of your event starts with sending an invitation to an event. Of course you want as many visitors as possible to come to your event. But how do you encourage people to actually sign up? Many factors play a role here. One of these factors is the invitation to your event.

Communicate personally with your target group

Various studies have shown that personal communication does a lot. Addressing a recipient of an e-mail directly has a greater effect than if you send a general, impersonal e-mail. That is why we advise you not to just invite your target group to your event, but to send them a personalized invitation.

With Halito!’s software, this is a piece of cake. Even if you have no technical knowledge, you can send fully personalized event invitations with our software.

An invitation in your own house style

You have created beautiful posters to promote your event. You have developed business cards in the corporate identity of your event. And the event website you’ve developed is completely in line with this style. Of course you also want your invitation event to connect seamlessly with this.

With our software you give your invitation to an event a unique style. For example, you choose the colours, the font and the look & feel of the invitation. And do you want to see your logo on the invitation? Then this is of course no problem. With Halito! you create an invitation in your own house style. This not only looks professional, but also ensures recognition among the recipients.

Real-time insight with Halito!

After sending your invitation, you are of course curious how this e-mail is received. Our software helps you to get a clear picture of this. Our platform gives you insight into statistics such as the number of invitations sent, but also the number of opened emails, the number of unopened emails and any bounces. And are you curious about the number of registrations and cancellations of your event? No problem, you can also view these numbers on the handy overview page of our software.

For all types of emails

With Halito!’s software you can do more than send event invitations. You can also use our platform to send other types of emails. Think of confirmation emails. This e-mail gives a participant of your event confirmation that he or she has indeed registered successfully.

And do you also want to make sure that the participants do not forget your event? Then you can send them a reminder email. After sending a reminder email, you are once again completely ‘top of mind’ with your target group.

Tips for a good event invitation

Are you going to send an email invitation for an event for the first time? Then we would like to give you some tips to make your e-mail as successful as possible:

  • Make your invitation short and powerful. Long pieces of text are often not read and do not inspire enthusiasm.
  • The recipient of your invitation has one important question: why should he or she register for your event right away? If you know how to answer this question promptly in your invite, your registrations are guaranteed to skyrocket.
  • Respond to the wishes, needs and expectations of your target group. Does your event have different target groups? Send several personalized invitations in which you respond to the specific wishes of each target group.
  • Make your invitation interesting with exclusive content. For example, give the name of a well-known speaker or describe a nice workshop that participants can follow at your event.
  • Make sure your invitation doesn’t look like a newsletter. This will have a negative impact on your click rate.

Need help developing a successful invitation? Then take a look at an example invitation event in our platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Certainly. After importing the guest list, you can send the guests an invitation via email. For example, you can send a save the date, invitation, reminder and thank you mail. You can send the event invitation to all guests or to a selection of them. In Halito! we also measure the result of the event invitation. So we know who has and who hasn’t received the invitation.

Definitely. You can customize every event invitation in the corporate identity of your event. Add a banner and images, adjust fonts and colors and ensure that participants receive a personal invitation. Not only is it professional, it also creates recognition.

Yes and you definitely should. Addressing a visitor personally has a positive effect on his/her experience of the event. Even without technical knowledge you can send fully personalized event invitations with our event software.

The participant then arrives at the event site where he can read all practical information about the event. The recipient can also register for your event. If he does, he will immediately receive a confirmation email with all the practical details.

Halito! is much more than an email platform. Of course you can with Halito! send event invitations but in addition there are more than 10 other features with which you can manage the complete communication flow of each event.