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Online and hybrid events

Create an engaging and interactive program

Prepare a program with live content and/or pre-recorded content. Alternate between plenary and workshops. Add interaction with chat, poll, Q&A, 1 on 1 meetings, network carousel, interactive debate,…

Switch quickly between a live, online and hybrid event

Your first idea was a live event, but due to circumstances you are obliged to reduce the number of live participants. This can be done very easily and even last minute. If necessary, set a maximum number of participants and adjust this flexibly.

Invite guests in a personalized way

Send relations a personal invitation for your online or hybrid event. Give them the choice whether they want to follow live or online or decide in advance for them.

Flexible registration

Both live and online participants register quickly and easily. If necessary, the participant pays online immediately. Live participants will receive a QR code for registration on the day of the event.

Broadcast on a platform of your choice

Integrate Zoom, Vimeo, Youtube, Kaltura, Webinargeek,… and broadcast from the Halito! event site. Add our chat function or use one yourself.

Send a text reminder

On the day of the event, you send a text message to all registered guests as a reminder that the event is about to start. Do this for both the live and online participants.

Real-time insight

Halito! records shows and no-shows for viewers of an online or hybrid event. As an event organizer you therefore have real-time insight into which guests are participating in the online or hybrid event. And if applicable, even to which break-out session. You can also immediately see how long they participated.

Integrate the livestream on the event website

View the participants of each webinar in real time

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Take your online events to the next level with Halito!

Organizing and managing an online event can be quite a challenge. Especially if you want to organize a hybrid event. In a hybrid event, you combine offline and online platforms. Hybrid events have a personal component, but also a virtual component. This makes organizing hybrid events quite a challenge. You are not only busy with the organization on location, but also with the online management of your event.

Do you want to organize a successful event? You’ve come to the right place. With our event registration software you have all the online tools at your disposal to make your event a great success.

For all types of events

Every event is unique. We understand this all too well. Therefore, our software is suitable for the organization of all kinds of events. Think of events that take place completely online, but also offline and hybrid events. And whether you expect a large or small audience at your event: we offer you the tools to make your audience happy.

Comprehensive, clear and user-friendly

Halito!’s event registration software is very extensive. The online event software offers all the functions you need to manage the registrations and visitors of your online, offline or hybrid event. And because the software is very clear and user-friendly, everyone can work with it easily and pleasantly.

Many different features

Our software helps you to manage your event. For example, by publishing a live stream of the event on event websites. You can protect this livestream from unregistered visitors, so that your online event is not visible to everyone. Are you curious about which sessions the visitors of your event follow? Then Halito! lends you a hand. With our software you have real-time insight into the statistics, such as the current sessions and the visitor lists of these sessions. In this way, Halito! offers real added value for event professionals.

Phase 1: Sending Invitations

Organizing online events starts with sending an event invitation. With our user-friendly virtual event platform you can send the guests of your event a personal invitation. You can design this completely yourself, so that it fits perfectly with your house style. In this way, the organization of your event is off to a good start.

Phase 2: Send reminders

Guests can register via the invitation you have sent. This is very easy and user-friendly. You want to send registered guests a reminder on the day of the event, so that they don’t forget your event? No problem. With our online event software you can easily and quickly send an SMS or e-mail to all online participants. This way you can be sure that no one has to miss your event.

Phase 3: the start of your event

After sending the reminder, your event will go live. Attendees are now visiting the event website with live streaming and the speakers getting ready to address the online audience. Exciting!

Phase 4: Manage participants

Halito! helps you manage your event from A to Z. For example, you can decide who can attend the event. You can admit everyone, but also only registered participants. This way you determine the reach of your online event yourself. And are you curious about who will participate in the session? Then you can view the participant lists on demand. These are updated in real time and are therefore always up to date.

Phase 5: Create audience interaction

An optimal event experience? Achieve this by creating interaction. Our software offers you all the tools to enable interaction. For example, you can use our chat function to stimulate a conversation. But starting Q&As, polls or interactive debates is also possible with our software.

Constantly evolving

Sending invitations, sending reminders, managing participants and creating interaction: these are just a few of the many things you can arrange with our software. We find it important that our software fully supports you in organizing an event. That is why we are constantly evolving. Is there a new trend in the world of events? Then we examine its value and add it to our software if necessary. Do we hear from our customers that they are missing something in our software? We take this very seriously. Our software is never really finished, but constantly growing.

Meet Halito!

Halito! has been specialized in supporting event professionals for more than 10 years. What once started as an idea on a beer coaster, has eventually grown into a large, professional and reliable organization with many passionate employees. Over the years we have been able to help many event professionals with the organization of their events. We are also happy to offer you optimal support to make your event a great success.


Halito! means ‘be welcome’ and describes the way in which we communicate with our customers: personal, professional and with a clear passion for the business. Our goal? Satisfied event professionals. How do we achieve this? With an eye for detail and the ambition to make your hybrid events a great success. Only when you are 100 percent satisfied with our software and services, we are too!

What our customers say about Halito

Curious if our software really meets your needs and expectations? Then it might be interesting to know what your fellow organizers think about our software. Here you can read some reviews from our customers. Do you have experience with our software yourself? Then leave a review. Here you can support your fellow organizers in their search for high-quality event software.

Want to know more? Contact us

Do you have questions about our event software? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions. You can contact us by calling our office in Belgium or our office in the Netherlands. Prefer online contact? Send an email to, fill in the contact form on the website or start a chat with us.

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Frequently asked questions

A hybrid event is a combination of a physical, live event and an online event. Some of the participants follow your event live at a physical event location, the other part follows remotely via a live stream. You can limit the number of participants for live and online.

In an online event, participants follow the event remotely, in particular from their PC or TV. The event location becomes a studio and the event becomes a kind of TV broadcast, but more interactive. With smooth direction, you can change camera angles, add polls and regularly change format. Participants feel that they are watching TV interactively.

You combine the advantages of live and online events. Depending on, for example, government measures that determine how many participants are allowed to follow a live event, you can easily switch to more or fewer live participants with a hybrid event. By also allowing people online, you significantly increase the reach of the event.

The short answer is absolutely yes! Participants who follow online are sitting on a chair looking at a computer screen, an activity that many also do throughout the working day. To keep it interesting, interaction is essential. This can range from polls, surveys, live interviews, exercise, to sounding together and having a drink.

You need partners who provide a professional studio, take care of the broadcast with cameras with different points of view, a good host. In addition, short sets and a lot of variety are essential to keep your audience captivated.