At Halito! privacy, security and information security are at the top of the priority list for years. Now they have anchored that by obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate. With this certification, Halito! indicates that it complies with the international standard for information security.

ISO 27001 certificate is a milestone

“We have been working towards this for over 2 years and can safely say that this is one of the most important milestones ever. As a modest SME, we prove that we have set the bar particularly high for ourselves when it comes to information security. This makes us one of the top 300 Belgian companies that have effectively achieved ISO 27001,” said Bart Van Zele, a proud managing director.

Reassurance for customers

“Although 100% security does not exist, we provide a huge reassurance for our existing customers by everything neatly organized. International corporates, in particular, are now seeing their risk decrease, and we are getting very enthusiastic responses about that,” beams Bart Van Zele.

ISO 27001 certificate is the international standard for information security

Information and knowledge are for Halito! one of the most important assets. That is why this data needs to be properly protected. Because the ISO 27001 standard is internationally regarded as the quality certificate to demonstrate that a company takes adequate security measures to protect data, Halito! opted for this label.

Overhandiging ISO 27001 certificaat
Bart Van Zele, managing director of Halito! and Raf Van Den Plas, process manager of Halito! proudly display the ISO 27001 certificate

Objective and independent

An ISO 27001 certificate is the objective and independent proof, with which you, as an organization, demonstrate that you are serious and structurally involved with information security. This was preceded by a very extensive audit by DQS, an independent body.

The ISO 27001 certificate is not an endpoint

Achieving this certificate is not an endpoint. Continuous improvement of information security is expected, and as standards change, Halito! has to follow. They have therefore defined different roles within the team to ensure that a certificate is not a one-time effort but a continuous process.

It’s about excellence, not perfection

“Risks will always exist and ISO 27001 is no different. The certificate is therefore not about perfection, but about excellence. We, at Halito!, are therefore very proud of it. Will this be celebrated? Rest assured, because this certificate proves once again that this is the merit of a powerful team!”

More details can be found at the Information Security page.


About Halito!

Halito! is a software company specialising in event communication and registration for corporates. It is the market leader in Belgium and a key player in the Netherlands. The company has its HQ in Antwerp.

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