A happy data flow with Zapier may sound foreign, but it’s a super handy way to automate common manual actions.

Let’s start at the beginning.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a very handy tool that makes connections between different software solutions. It works as a kind of intermediate step to allow the different software applications to work together. That way you can automate processes and save yourself a lot of unnecessary work. Read all about it on the Zapier website.

An example of a Happy Data Flow with Zapier

That may sound a bit abstract, so let’s give you an example. A participant registers for an online event (via Halito! of course) and indicates that he would like to receive your newsletter. Today, as an event manager, you will find that participant in the guest list of Halito! but you also have to export his/her data and then import it into your mailing software (e.g. MailChimp). This is manual work that you will have to perform several times This can be done more efficiently! You can automate this manual process by using Halito! and Zapier together. By automating these manual processes

  • You save time
  • You reduce the margin of error
  • You are assured of a secure exchange of data.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier uses so-called zaps, triggers and actions. A zap is best described as a micro-workflow that consists of a trigger and associated action. The trigger is, for example, a guest who registers on your event website. For example, the action you have set up in Zapier is to automatically add the name and email address in Mailchimp.

Smart integrations for events

The applications at events are virtually endless. This is how you create a happy data flow with Zapier:

  1. Create a new participant on webinar tools such as Livestorm, Webinarjam or GoToWebinar
  2. Update data in your CRM tool when a relation registers for your event
  3. Add participants with dietary requirements to a Google Sheet that you send to the caterer
  4. Remove relationships where emails cannot be delivered from your mailing tool

Don’t see the Happy Data Flow with Zapier yet?

Challenge us and describe what you are stuck with:

  • too many manual actions
  • big margin of error
  • too many software tools
  • you feel that the job is done faster manually than with all those tools

Let us know and we will gladly advise you with our honest opinion.