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Visitor registration

Create a registration form

Easily create your own event website and let invitees register via the registration form. Choose from different types of entry fields, determine which fields are mandatory and optionally enter a minimum or maximum value for each field. Avoid long forms by working with a tree structure. Set an expiration date to prevent invitees from signing in or out at the last minute.

Group Registration

Designate a registrant (for example a secretary) who registers several colleagues. The registrant receives all communication and manages the registrations but does not necessarily participate in the event.

Set limits

If you are organizing an event with a limited number of places, set a limit. Limits can also be set per component, useful when you organize multiple workshops, for example. If your limit has been reached, set up a waiting list. When a place becomes available, invitees are automatically notified.

Organize a paying event

If you are organizing a paid event, automate the invoicing and payment process via Halito!. Set an entrance fee for the event and determine the VAT percentage. If you work with different components, such as workshops or a hotel stay, set the price for each component separately. Take advantage of early bird prices or discounts for specific groups or individuals.

Manage the guest list

Always rely on up-to-date guest lists. You can find all the latest changes in a handy overview. You can also easily view changes made by the guests. Automate the email campaigns based on the latest guest status or create segments based on your chosen conditions. This way, guests always receive the right email.

Create workshops

Halito! also offers handy solutions for workshop registration. Invitees select in the registration form which workshop they want to participate in and you can immediately see how the registrations are progressing. You can also set a limit and/or price per workshop.

Real-time overview of all guests for your event

Create a registration form through the easy-to-use wizard

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Halito! - A user-friendly visitor registration

A well-organized digital event registration is a top requirement for the success of your events, small or large. Increase your customer experience and hospitality and immediately make a good first impression with an online or on-site event registration system. Halito!’s event software is based on the needs of event professionals and even makes it possible to register large numbers of visitors. With our event software we lift the hospitality and ultimate customer experience of your events to a higher level. Give your customers an inviting warm welcome with the help of a professional event registration system that is precisely tailored to the needs and goals of your events.

Ticket software saves time and money

Today, most people find the best events through their mobile phone. Once they have found something they like, they want to be able to order, pay and receive an event ticket with as few actions as possible. An online event software can make life so much easier for both the event visitor and the event planner. Printing an event ticket is also no longer necessary thanks to the QR code or barcode that can be scanned from the mobile phone at the entrance of the event. That saves time and money.

Digital event registration for safety

Keeping a register of visitors and sharing privacy-sensitive data with other data subjects has been subject to strict rules since 2018. The GDPR is a European law for the protection of personal data. This law obliges organizations to protect privacy-sensitive data. If you want to comply with this law, you must digitize the data of your visitors securely and correctly. Halito! applies the strictest requirements in the field of storage and processing of personal data. For example, the personal data is automatically deleted 14 days after archiving an event. A digital visitor registration system provides real-time insight into visitors present. Not only does it provide advance information about the number of visitors you can expect, it also ensures verifiability when the visitors are evacuated in the event of unexpected calamities. This also means that you meet Occupational Health and Safety and ISO certification requirements.

More than just a good solution for your event communication

For the implementation and organization of any event, we offer the best solution in the form of an online or on-site registration for events. We closely follow the changes in the event world and constantly adjust the development of our software, services and partnerships accordingly. Every event is different and has a different purpose. Our communication consists of personal contact, so that we can tailor our support exactly to the needs of our customers. Together we make every effort to successfully achieve the goal of your events. We will guide you step by step in setting up event communication and registration. You will be introduced to the many possibilities of our practical event and visitor registration software, which can be used for any type of event.

All-in-one event software

Halito! offers an all-in-one event software: from launching your event site in your own house style, personalized online invitations, registration of visitors, access control on location, automation of payment processes to everything that is involved in organizing an event. There are also various options for feedback after the event to get more success out of the event. Surveys and reports provide insight into whether your goals have been achieved, what went well and which areas for improvement can be improved.

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Frequently asked questions

That is certainly the idea and it is also very simple. Choose from different types of entry fields, determine which fields are mandatory and optionally enter a minimum or maximum value for each field. You can also have guests upload a file during their registration, such as a photo or document. Avoid long forms by working with a tree structure. Set a deadline so that invitees can no longer check in or out at the last minute.

Visitors can easily register via a visitor registration form. The registration form is the basis of your event website. Invitees register via this form and can use various ways to, for example, choose a workshop or indicate how they will visit the event.

Before the start of your event, you naturally want to maintain an overview of the number of registrations, and gain insight into which workshops are becoming sold-out. The privacy law (AVG/GDPR) has a special focus on the processing of the personal data of minors. Keep this in mind if you are organizing an event to which minors are (also) invited. Scanning visitors using an e-ticket at the start of your event provides insight into the (no) shows, and also contributes to the safety of your event, for example in the event of an evacuation.

From a legal point of view, you must know which guests are present at your event, for example in the event of unexpected calamities. The emergency services need to know exactly how many people are present in a building and who these people are. At Halito! you are also assured that the security of your customers’ personal data is protected, in accordance with the GDPR legislation.