Event registration software helps you with event communication and guest registration. As an event manager, you may still use Excel lists (of which the data is often incorrect), a program such as MailChimp to send invitations and further information, an online form on which invitees can register and a survey tool to follow up after the event. measure satisfaction. Because of all these tools you eventually lose the overview.

Using all kinds of different tools ensures that:

  • You have lost overview: through all the data, different workshops, VIPs, sponsors or regular guests you create an extensive and incomprehensible Excel file. Overlooking an important sponsor or overbooking a workshop can easily happen.
  • There is no unity in communication: the e-mails, registration form and survey all have their own layout. As a result, the visitor misses recognition.
  • You have lost an unnecessary amount of time: by setting up all the changes and various tools, you have lost an unnecessary amount of time. The time you want to put into your event.

Event registration software from Halito!

With Halito!'s event software, all communication and registration components of your event are visible in 1 central location, which is updated in real-time. In this central place, you will find all information of your visitors and from here you can manage all communication with guests. But how does this process actually work?

Inform visitors

Nowadays we do (almost) everything online. Also looking up the information about your event. You start by building your event website. You can fully optimize this website to your house style. On the event website, you put the most important information about your event. Think of the location, date and time, who the speakers are, which workshops can be followed, who the sponsors are and other information that is important for your event!

Are you organizing an international event? You can launch the website in multiple languages so that everyone can come to your event. To make it even easier, the event website adapts to the device that the visitor uses. It does not matter whether the website is opened on a desktop, mobile or tablet. A unique level of professionality.

Invite visitors

After your event website is set up, you can invite the guests. You can easily import the guest list into our software, indicate what the different roles are and send a completely personalized e-mail based on the role. For example, you can set up a mailing for regular visitors, VIPs and sponsors. This allows you to provide the information that this type of guest needs.

Since we live in a busy time with many distractions, it is very useful to remind your guests. A handy way to do this is to add a save-the-date and send an SMS reminder just before the event. As a result, everyone is informed and you significantly reduce the number of no-shows.

Register visitors

When your visitors have received an invitation, they can register. With the event registration tool from Halito! you can fully adapt the registration form to your event. This allows visitors to immediately register for a workshop, register several colleagues, choose to attend the event online or live and pay immediately when you organize a paying event. To keep everything in order, you can set a limit on the number of places for a workshop. Is the workshop full? Then the visitors are placed on a waiting list.

Welcome visitors

To prevent no-shows, send a reminder to all your guests via SMS before the start of your event. With the QR code on the e-ticket that the visitors have received, they can walk through the access control in no time. You can also fully personalize the event ticket, making it immediately clear that it is your event.

Interact with your visitors during the event

Of course, you want interaction during your event, but how do you do that? We have the solution! Via a (partner) event app you can share live slides, polls, quizzes and Q and A's during the event. This really draws your visitors into the presentation or workshop.

We have been assuming for now that all visitors will come to the event location, but that is not necessary at all. You can choose to organize an online or hybrid event. With a hybrid event, your visitors can choose to come to your event or to follow the event online. You can easily incorporate these choices into your registration form!

Thank visitors

After your event, it is of course very nice to share photos, videos and presentations with the visitors. You can also use this opportunity to send a survey. This way you can learn from the tips and enjoy the tops!

Event registration software in the 21st century

Nowadays, a lot is possible due to all technological developments. You can therefore unburden yourself to a large extent and involve the visitors in your event. But this has also increased the expectations of visitors enormously, they expect everything to be arranged down to the last detail.

Mistake? Thank you, next

You can no longer get away with a mistake in your Excel file, the visitor expects all changes to be processed, no matter how close to the event. Now you can of course choose to dabble in your file or let the software from Halito! just do its job. Every adjustment made by a visitor is immediately processed in the software. The software ensures that your data is always up-to-date and you will not be faced with unexpected situations.

Who sends this?

A correct sender name and e-mail address of the sender are crucial for the trust of the recipient of your communication. If the domain name matches the e-mail address, there is already an initial basis of trust. This is often not the case when using all those different software tools. As a result, it is no longer clear to the visitor that the e-mail comes from you and is about your event. As a result, guests miss important information.

By sending all information from your own name and house style, visitors immediately know that your event will contact you. This increases interaction and ensures that important information does arrive. Halito! helps you to correctly set the specific settings for this.

Stimulate interaction

To really make an impact, it is important that communication is of a high level and that the visitor is involved in the event from the very first moment. It is often the case that between registration and the event, there is little or no communication with the visitors. The risk is that your event will be forgotten and that visitors will eventually stop coming. What you want to achieve is interaction! That is why it is possible to use an event app. Your visitors can download this event app (for free). On this app, you can provide extra information about your event, stimulate interaction and send push messages. The visitor stays in touch with your event and warms up before the start!

Race against the clock

No matter how good your planning is in advance, there is a good chance that you will end up in a race against time. When you have to process everything manually and set up a different tool every time, you are unnecessarily losing the race. Thanks to Halito!'s event planning software, you have everything in one place and you ensure that your processes run better, saving you time. The time that you can invest in your event. That's why you became an event manager, right?

Control and overview through event registration software

Do you want to take back control of your event management and have all your data organized and up-to-date? Then Halito is the software for you! Do you want to know more about Halito!? Request more information or schedule a meeting with Bart!