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API Integration

Integration with CRM tools

With Halito! you create event websites where guests register. Add new relationships automatically from and in your CRM tool through an integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Teamleader or other CRM.

Payment Service Providers

Halito! cooperates with various payment service providers for paying events. Your guests can pay via credit card, Bancontact, iDEAL, PayPal or Apple Pay. The entire payment and billing process is automated through Halito!. Guests pay easily online in a protected environment.

Online and hybrid events

Integrate the livestream of your online or hybrid event on the Halito! event website. Participants do not need to install an application and can participate directly in your event via Zoom, Vimeo or Youtube. Interaction via chat or poll is also provided.

Integrate all your favorite tools

Do you want to create a real Happy Data Flow? We got you! Through our integration with Zapier you can connect Halito! to 2,000+ tools and automate the exchange of data between the tools you use in an efficient and secure way.

Open API

Do you want to set up an integration with Halito! yourself? We have a public API and are happy to provide you with documentation and technical support through a dedicated Slack channel with our development team. It is a simple building kit that you can work with yourself so that data is exchanged securely between different software tools. You choose which tools you want to connect your Halito! account with. This way, data is shared in real-time  with all tools.

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Seamless integration with event tools

The past decades have been dominated by automation and digitization. The event industry has also followed these developments. This means that the work of an event professional is increasingly digitally oriented. You use various tools to organize your events down to the last detail.

Halito! offers a total solution for all your event communication. Our unique software connects seamlessly with your event tools. Whatever event management tools you use.

Optimal collaboration with your CRM

Customer data plays a major role in your daily work as an event professional. Over the years you have collected a lot of interesting data from your target group. You use this data, among other things, to personalize your event communication. For example, you use a CRM such as Salesforce or Microsoft Navision to organize and manage all your customer data.

Halito!’s event tool has an excellent link with your CRM. Do you use our user-friendly software? Then you know for sure that you can use your customer data optimally.

How does it work?

Halito has developed an API. This is incorporated in our unique event tool. The API forms a direct and real-time link with your event management tools. This works as a kind of construction kit. You choose which tools you want to link Halito with.

For example, you can link the software with your CRM. If someone registers for your event with Halito!’s event software, his or her personal data will immediately end up in your CRM. Conversely, this direct connection also exists, of course. For example, from your CRM you can also send real-time personal data to Halito! send. You can use this, for example, to send a personalized email campaign.

A win-win situation

If you use Halito!’s event software in the manner described above, you will benefit from two advantages. Firstly, you collect all your personal data in one central place. This makes managing and utilizing this data a lot easier. In addition, you can use niche software for your event communication. With Halito!’s software you can take your event communication to a higher level. Win win!

Also for other event tools

You can link Halito! to your CRM, but also to various other event tools. Think of event apps. Do you use a Payment Service Provider to arrange your event payments? Then you can easily and quickly link this to your Halito! event registration tool.

You can even link Halito! with your accounting package. This means you no longer have to enter invoices manually and you always have insight into your finances. This leaves you time for other things, such as personal event communication. This way you get even more out of your event.

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Frequently asked questions

API is the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface and is a software interface that allows two software applications to communicate with each other. A kind of translation agency, as it were, which makes it possible to exchange data such as that of guests from one platform to another.

Personal data contained in one application is often also useful for another application. Instead of having the user or participant in an event enter his/her data twice, you can use an API to forward the personal data behind it from one application to another and back.

By using an API, you can immediately process the same source data in another application. That has many advantages such as:

  • time saving: no more manual exports and imports required
  • smaller margin of error: manual errors are excluded
  • cost effective: because data exchange happens automatically
  • real-time data: data is exchanged immediately without delay

Within Halito!, the possibilities to link with another platform are almost endless. For example, you can link Halito to CRM tools such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Teamleader or other CRM. If you use Halito! for paying events, you can also link with Payment Service Providers. Use your Halito! for online and hybrid events which you connect with livestream platforms. Or use Zapier and the sky is the limit.

That depends on which 2 platforms you want to link together. In Halito! we provide a lot of options. However, we always make sure that you don’t need any programming knowledge, at most a wiki article in which we explain it to you in a few simple steps. If you still can’t figure it out, make use of our personal support.