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Event tools and apps

Event app

An event app offers your participants many extras before, during and after your event. Bring participants together, encourage interaction and share important information via push notifications. Together with our partners, we offer practical solutions with a high conversion rate.

Networking and interaction

Networking is an important part of events. Together with our partners, we offer solutions to stimulate networking before, during and after events. Bring participants together through matchmaking. Stimulate engagement and interaction by sharing slides, polls, quizzes and Q&As live.

Accounting package

Link Halito! with your accounting package and gain immediate insight into your finances . This gives the right people immediate insight into the status of the event. The invoices do not have to be entered manually, this saves time and reduces the margin of error.

CRM Platforms

A CRM platform is the central base in which customer data is managed. A link with Halito! ensures that existing data is automatically updated and that new data is added. The management of customer data is thus easier, faster and more secure.

Link your event website to, for example, the Networkapp

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A seamless integration with event tools: Halito!

Seamless integration with event tools

The past decades have been dominated by automation and digitization. The event industry has also followed these developments. This means that the work of an event professional is increasingly digitally oriented. You use various tools to organize your events down to the last detail.

Halito! offers a total solution for all your event communication. Our unique software connects seamlessly with your event tools. Whatever event management tools you use.

Optimal collaboration with your CRM

Customer data plays a major role in your daily work as an event professional. Over the years you have collected a lot of interesting data from your target group. You use this data, among other things, to personalize your event communication. For example, you use a CRM such as Salesforce, Zendesk or Microsoft Navision to organize and manage all your customer data.

Halito!’s event tool has an excellent link with your CRM. Do you use our user-friendly software? Then you know for sure that you can use your customer data optimally.

How does it work?

Halito! has developed an API. This is incorporated in our unique event tool. The API forms a direct and real-time link with your event management tools. This works as a kind of construction kit. You choose which tools you want to link Halito! with.

For example, you can link the software with your CRM. If someone registers for your event with Halito!’s event software, his or her personal data will immediately end up in your CRM. Conversely, this direct connection also exists, of course. For example, from your CRM you can also send real-time personal data to Halito! send. You can use this, for example, to send a personalized email campaign.

A win-win situation

If you use Halito!’s event software in the manner described above, you will benefit from two advantages. Firstly, you collect all your personal data in one central place. This makes managing and utilizing this data a lot easier. In addition, you can use niche software for your event communication. With Halito!’s software you can take your event communication to a higher level. Win win!

Also for other event tools

You can link Halito! to your CRM, but also to various other event tools. Think of event apps. Do you use a payment service provider to arrange your event payments? Then you can easily and quickly link this to your Halito! event registration tool.

You can even link Halito! with your accounting package. This means you no longer have to enter invoices manually and you always have insight into your finances. This leaves you time for other things, such as personal event communication. This way you get even more out of your event.

Event management made easy

There is a lot to consider when organizing an event. Project management, email marketing, event registration, creating an event website, communication via social media and so on. We want to help event organizers in their daily work. We do this by offering these event professionals the best event management platform. With Halito’s unique event management system, you can take your event to the next level.

For small and large events

We think it is important that everyone can use our software. That is why our event tool is suitable for the organization of all types of events. Whether you are organizing a small meeting with industry peers to share knowledge or want to organize a large exhibition. Our software helps you to organize your event down to the last detail.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Halito! has standardized integration. This way you can integrate with your CRM, accounting package, … We have a clear manual that you can use immediately.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a connection that allows two applications to communicate with each other. You choose which applications you want to link with Halito!, for example a CRM, accounting package, Zapier and so on.

Through our integration with Zapier, a tool that connects applications and systems, you automate data flows. Zapier uses so-called zaps, triggers and actions. A zap is best described as a micro-workflow that consists of a trigger and associated action. The trigger is, for example, a guest who registers on your event website. For example, the action you have set up in Zapier is that a registrant is automatically created in Livestorm and the name and email address are added in Mailchimp.

Yes! The integration gives you direct insight into the financial figures. In addition, invoices do not have to be entered manually, which saves you time and reduces the margin of error. So only benefits.

Absolutely. Due to the integration, the correct personal data of participants immediately flows correctly, both from and to the CRM platform. Thanks to an integration, all data in the CRM is always guaranteed up to date.

At Halito!, we are not committed to one PSP. We like to give you the choice so that you can negotiate the best service cost with every PSP from our marketplace, depending on the sales price and the volume of tickets. You don’t need any technical knowledge for the integration itself.

It’s very simple: with any partner that can safely read the data from the Halito API. So you are not limited to just the major platforms. An integration is especially recommended if the chosen partner offers a complementary service. Look in our marketplace for an overview.