More than 60% of people read email on a mobile device

Several studies have shown that more than 60 percent of all emails are read on a smartphone or tablet.

When you organise your next event and send out an email campaign, the chances are that your guest will open the email invitation on a small screen. It is therefore definitely in your interest to ensure that the event site adapts well to the small screen.

1. Optimise your email campaigns

It has never been so easy to send emails, but never so hard to ensure that they arrive and are actually read. The email system in Halito! provides you with all the options you need to make the most of email campaigns.


  • Keep communication personal and personalise the sender. A message from the CEO comes across more powerfully than an invitation from a no-reply email address.
  • Segment your guest list according to criteria, for example using the criterion ‘Account manager’. Create a separate group for each account manager, then send an invitation to each group using the account manager’s name as the sender.
  • Personalise not only the invitation but also the confirmation email with a title or greeting.
  • The entire communication must create the feeling that the guest is welcome, so take care to use customised message content based on the information you have about your guest. Segment your guest list and create groups so that you can address them separately.
  • Avoid adding attachments to your email. The receiving mail server may be sensitive to potential viruses in email attachments. With Halito! you can instead include a link to the attachment which will then open in the Internet browser.
  • If you are planning to conduct an anonymous survey after your event, you can still personalise the greeting or header in the accompanying email.


  • When your content is ready, this is the moment to schedule your email campaigns to be sent out on the desired date and at the right time.
  • If you have prepared one or more confirmation emails, these communications will be sent out immediately after each registration and/or modification by a guest.
  • With dynamic email groups in Halito!, the right guests will receive the communication at the right time.


  • When you upload your guest list, Halito! carries out several checks and gives you feedback so that you can adjust any duplicates or incorrect email addresses.
  • After sending out an email campaign, you will receive a report including information about ‘bounces’. You can then correct the email addresses and try resending.

2. Optimise your event site

Thanks to the new responsive template, all event sites are compatible with PCs, mobiles and tablets. In other words, the design of the navigation, text, registration and survey form, etc. automatically adjusts to the size of the display screen. Zooming and scrolling are kept to a minimum thanks to the concise summary of the content and the adaptive layout.

See an example of the new responsive template.

Tip: If you shrink your browser window, at a certain point you will see the navigation system changing to a single block on which you can click in order to display the complete navigation.

Test here to see if your event site is mobile-friendly.

If you don’t yet have a responsive template, contact us (without obligation) on or call + 32 3 613 09 92.