Miriam, welcome to the Halito! team

After more than ten years of experience in organizing and facilitating various events, Miriam was looking for a new challenge. We are very happy that she is joining our team as a Business Development Manager in the Netherlands.

“Because of my experience in various aspects of events, I know how dynamic and fast the industry is. I can relate to your situation and understand what you as an event professional mean.”

Miriam’s choice to work in the event industry did not come as a surprise. She has been busy caring for others and organizing trips for her family, friends and sports team since an early age. During her study Leisure Management, her love for customer focus and customer experience grew further. Her experience with organizing events and her need to make others happy, come together in her role at Halito!. “I like to think along in the organization and communication of your event.”

Welcome to the team Miriam!


“I get by with a little help from my friends” – The Beatles

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