Meet our new colleague Raf!

“People are wonderful. Bring them together and miracles are created”.

Despite his earlier technical studies as an engineer, Raf Van Den Plas has always been fascinated by people and what drives them. “It is very fascinating to find out, how you see unimaginable things happening in and between people by really connecting., “ according to Raf.

With 1 wife, 4 children, 2 granddaughters and a 30-year career as business manager of several SME’s, Raf has gained extensive experience in leading people and processes. He conciously chooses for ‘leading’ rather than ‘managing’. If people are given sufficient freedom and the process receives sufficient attention, then real miracles in organizations become possible. Raf explains that people have enormous potential but that this is not fully expressed because of past experiences. This hinders personal growth and the development of the organisation.

Because of his passion for people, he has further formed himself and gained intensive knowlgede of mediation, coaching, and hypnotherapy. In this way he helps people and organizations to find ‘themselves’.

A transparant and open approach where honest feedback is expressed with respect, is the basis for insight, growth, connection and achievement of objectives. This is what Raf stands for and coincidence or not, but this fits perfectly with the ambition that an event manager has in the organization of events.

Raf reinforces the Halito! team as process manager and embarks on the adventure of Halito! to a higher, or rather deeper 😉 level by discovering and tackling areas for improvement together with the team. With respect for the interests of all internal and external stakeholders, he will assist in the further development of Halito! as an organization, product and individual. His hobbyhorse in this approach is the approach from the real deeper goal of the individual and of the organization.

Would you like to know more about Raf? Then you’re welcome for a coffee!  He drinks his coffee black. What about you?