In this article you will discover the preconditions for organizing successful online B2B events after corona. A separate blog article was published about the advantages and disadvantages of online events.

3 points of attention for successful online B2B events

1. An online event is not a live event with a camera

If you do, don’t call it an online event, but an online meeting or call. The world of online events aligns with making a TV production, where scripts, queues and timing are incredibly important.

2. Distinguish yourself with content, not experience

After the corona crisis, online B2B events certainly have a future, provided content is more important than experience. This applies in particular to education, training, new evolutions in a field, annual plans, etc.

3. Pay attention to 3 dimensions: time, location and interaction

At online events, the tension of participants is shorter than at live events. The best solution is therefore to adjust the program. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Send information in advance so participants can prepare
  • Shorten the program and limit yourself to the essentials
  • Split the program and spread it over several days, weeks,…

No classic venue or original event location for an online event. However, a webinar studio that offers all possibilities to provide participants with a real TV experience. Do you present from the office or at home? Then pay close attention to the quality of the internet connection and make sure that your partner or children do not watch Netflix or play online.

Because you have no control over possible distractions of the participants at online events, it is smart to provide a lot of interaction with the participants. For example, think of:

  • Q&A with the speaker
  • Chat between the participants
  • Variety with videos
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Talking tables
  • Energy boosters (such as a fitness coach or a laughter workshop)
  • Musical interlude

Do not forget:
at successful online b2b events, all participants sit frontrow!


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