In this article you will discover the advantages of online events for both the organizer and the participant. A separate blog article was published about the preconditions for making online B2B events a success.

Now that we’ve been ‘locked in our houses’ for almost a year, we are used to working at home – while keeping the kids busy, running the household and opening the door for the package deliverer. And yes, we know how Zoom, Teams and Google Meet work. We all have headsets and headaches at the end of the day.

But now we’ve been locked in long enough in our makeshift home office. We want to go back outside, back to colleagues, back to the terraces and also back to live events. Remember? A location with hundreds of participants who listened intently to a speaker on a stage? The snacks and drinks, cozy music and inspiring conversations? Why should online events still be organized after corona? Get rid of online events! Still…

Advantages of online events for the organizer

Larger pool for participants and speakers

The removal of geographical restrictions makes it easier to attract participants and speakers from all over the world for your webinar. A wider reach, new faces and new insights are an opportunity. And you can immediately bind that new target group to your organization.

Niche topics

Because many barriers are removed for participants, it is easier for the organizer to deal with specific topics. The organizer can expand the program without high costs with niche topics that are only interesting for a limited number of participants. The quantity decreases, but the quality and depth of the subjects increases enormously.

Pay per view pricing

Be inspired by the online game industry and major B2C events such as Tomorrowland 2020 or Glory77, where approximately 100,000 participants pay USD 15 to 24 for an online ticket. Low ticket prices but a good turnover due to the large reach.

Simpler logistics

You organize the webinar from your (home) office or from a ready-made webinar studio. It is logistically easier for event managers to organize an online event compared to a live event.

Benefits of online events for the participant

No travel time lost

It is a thing of the past for traffic jams, stress and rushing to be present at an event on time. Register a few minutes in advance and participate from the comfort of your home.

No limitation in numbers

Participants can decide last-minute to (not) participate in the webinar.

More targeted choices within your own field of interest

The participant chooses which topics or break-out sessions of the webinar are interesting.

Cheaper tickets

The experience is less at (many) events than at a live event, which means that the costs to participate are (often) cheaper.

Super efficient

As long as you as a participant do not exaggerate or go overboard, you can use the gained travel time for other tasks. Networking can also be more efficient online, so that you achieve a higher return.

Based on these benefits for both the organizer and participant, online B2B events can certainly be successful in the future. You can read what preconditions are attached to this in the blog ‘Successful online B2B events after corona‘.

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