is the newest portal from Halito! where customers can go for all their questions.

Are you new to Halito! or have you already set up the necessary event sites? No matter how much experience, all users have one thing in common: they have practical questions. And let’s just happen to love that! The questions from our most important stakeholder – the users – provide insights into Halito! to be further developed and improved.

But admittedly, it’s not about us, of course. Because as a busy event professional you want to see your question answered. And preferably as easy, fast and good as possible. Many questions are already answered on our online knowledge base and today we are taking the next step: a brand new platform.

Why a new platform?

The former help center was 2 years old and we noticed that our ambitions could not be realized within that platform. For example, we wanted to display better search results, show more relevant suggestions in help articles and gain insight into whether our answers are actually clear. The new platform is more contemporary in all respects. In addition, with a different approach, we have categorized the help articles so that the user experience makes more sense.

We want users to be self-supporting and get inspired to take their event communication to the next level. The next step is to update the content of the help articles and add screenshots where necessary. People are visually oriented and a picture says more than 1000 words.

Customer Intimacy

Halito! users are of course not being let down now; the Customer Success team is available daily to help. For example, if the answer to a question is not found on the help pages or to discuss a complex invitation process. After all, we understand that a personal approach tailored to your event is necessary. And honestly, we couldn’t live without it! is live

Discover our new support platform here!