Fonts for event sites? Is this really important? Absolutely. Read below why and how you can best approach it. Are you organizing an (online) business conference or is the corporate identity of your organization fairly business-like? Then the look & feel of your event website will naturally match that. The same applies vice versa: at an event with a festival atmosphere, an anniversary or other festive event, the atmosphere must be extended in your event communication. In a previous blog article we wrote about the trends in web design; In this article I explain the importance of fonts – and give some nice examples.

Use different fonts for event sites

The most important thing is that visitors to your event website can read the information properly. If you consistently use the Roboto font, this is guaranteed to be the case. But are important information, headlines and calls-to-actions sufficiently noticeable if that font is the same as that of the paragraph text? Assume that no one reads the carefully drafted text on your event website in full. Your invitees scan the page and you grab their attention by using images or… another font.

Get rid of boring fonts!

Roboto may not mean anything to you, but you come across it every day. Roboto is the most used font and I understand that. The font has a business look and that applies to all commonly used fonts. Business, but a tad boring. Now that you know that Roboto is the most used font, does your event communication still stand out? Do you still have to use business fonts? Yes, because fonts such as Roboto, Open Sans and Lato ensure that your message comes across well (on any device). But try using a different font for headers, so that your event website immediately gets a completely different look, your message stands out all the more and the look & feel (better) matches the type of event you are organizing.


Using different fonts for event sites is easier said than done, because which font do you choose? On this demo website, Playfair Display is combined with Average as the header. You see: two more unique fonts that still give the event website a business look. Or try one of these combinations:

  • Oswald + Raleway
  • Oxygen + Ubuntu
  • Lora + Poppins
  • Amaranth + Source Sans Pro

Tip: On Google Fonts, search for a font and take a look at ‘pairings’ – suggested combinations of two fonts. Which combination do you choose?