Privacy and security are indispensable in the event sector. This week De Telegraaf launched a national campaign in the Netherlands “Organize a Top Event”. Bart Van Zele, CEO of Halito!, was asked how he manages the privacy and security of the event registration tool.

Whether it’s a dinner, a staff party or a business conference: everywhere where participant data is registered, privacy legislation comes into play. To ensure that you continue to comply with the GDPR and have the protection and security of personal data in order, a watertight event registration tool is a must. Do you regularly organize events and do you use external software tools? Then integrate the event registration software with your systems thanks to an Open API (Application Programming Interfaces)! Structuring data in one central system provides new insights and ideas and allows organizations to innovate faster.

Privacy and security: limit risks first

If you want to guarantee the protection of personal data as an event organizer, then automation and standardization of data exchange is the solution, says Bart Van Zele, CEO of Halito. “By eliminating manual imports and exports of participant data from the registration process, you eliminate any human errors and minimize the security risks.” Unique RSVP codes, for example, which are sent by post and then have to be entered via a website, are a thing of the past as far as Van Zele is concerned. “Such codes are entered in combination with personal data. Since codes can be easily retrieved by robots, this personal data will be on the street in no time.’

Privacy, security and Halito!

Privacy and security have long been an huge part of Halito!’s core values, continues Van Zele. The collaboration with organizations in the banking and insurance sector has given Halito! a significant head start. This is bearing fruit: “The number of ethical hackers who have tried to crack our event registration tool and integrations with third-party software is almost uncountable, so far no one has succeeded.”

So what makes Halito!’s tool so waterproof? All personal data processed in the tool is sent encrypted and automatically deleted 14 days after the event. This prevents sensitive information from being kept unnecessarily long. In addition, organizers can only invite visitors and share participant lists via a website or app if permission has been given. Our event websites have a disclaimer and an opt-in/out policy. Finally, Halito! concludes processing agreements with all its customers, partners and suppliers.’

Open API-tool

The Open API is an interface that allows software to communicate with software without human interaction. In concrete terms, a standardized link guarantees secure data traffic between Halito!’s software and your own back office systems such as a CRM, accounting system and e-mail platform. No more separate excel sheets with personal data that are stored on your laptop and then exchanged via email with colleagues and external event suppliers.

Get started!

Let your IT manager advise you on the conditions for integrating with the company’s back office systems. Optimizing and coordinating business processes and working methods are a must for data-driven organizations. The advantages of couplings are countless:

  • Personal data is not unnecessarily duplicated. The advantage of this is that there are no multiple versions of personal data in circulation.
  • By integrating software platforms, personal data is enriched and its quality improves.
  • The exchange of personal data takes place in a very secure and efficient manner.

Knowledge is power

In a world where big data and targeted experiences are indispensable, the opportunities are there for the taking. Events are an opportunity to let the business excel. By seeing events as a fully-fledged part of a data-driven business strategy, you obtain an up-to-date and central database with which the business can see patterns.

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