What do silly jokes and a good cause have in common? Read and laugh with us how we at Halito! contribute to a fundraising in the context of Music For Life.

At Halito!, we decided to support Beyond the Moon through the national campaign De Warmste Week, organized by the radio station Studio Brussel.

Halito! supports charity

Beyond the Moon offers families with a seriously ill child the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable and free holiday in a child-friendly environment. This allows these families to experience a carefree time, far away from hospitals and treatments.

Time for action

What else can our PHP ninjas, sales tigers, marketing gurus and customer success experts do besides baking waffles and making great coffee? YES, tell jokes! For the third year in a row, the team has accepted this challenge with both hands. With every lame joke, the pot gets one euro richer.

Bart Van Zele, founder of Halito!, keeps it close to himself and his colleagues. Bart is now not the only one with a diploma in ‘Improvisation’ in his pocket. Dieter also knows the tricks of the trade.

Halito!’s lamest jokes!

What’s wrong with jokes? Laugh with us!

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing, but mean your mother. – Tim
It’s white and it runs through the desert… A herd of yogurt. – Miriam
You should never hit people with glasses. With a fist hits harder. – Dieter

What’s your joke? Let us know on Facebook and contribute to our fundraising for Beyond the Moon.

Did you know that laughing…

  • Increases your immune system and resistance? Laughter seems to be as healthy as jogging?!
  • Lowers blood pressure and tension? It relaxes you mentally and physically.
  • Is a connecting factor? You feel connected to others.
  • Improves alertness, creativity and memory?
  • Has a comforting factor? Self-mockery makes you vulnerable and you dare to show that you are not perfect. Others also dare to be more open as a result. Relativity creates a relaxed atmosphere.

In other words, laughter is good for everyone!