We all want less CO² emissions, right? Climate change is a recurring and poignant topic of our time. Our planet is going through a lot and it is up to us, society, to keep further warming to a minimum. Greenhouse gases such as CO² regulate the temperature on Earth. The problem is mainly the large amount of CO² in the air that rises because we burn fuels en masse from, among other things, car transport.

At Halito! we will take action for a smaller climate footprint.

Less CO² emissions: how do we handle this?

In order to make ourselves and others aware of the impact of car traffic on the environment, we will now calculate the CO² emissions of all professional trips such as: commuting, network events, appointments with suppliers, customers and potential customers, … We measure it all !

Not only the effective movements are measured, but also the appointments that we consciously replace with a call, a webinar or a video meeting. By eliminating physical movements as much as possible, we directly exert a positive impact on the environment.

In addition, we make our customers aware of the problem by informing them about how much CO² you emit just by moving during a physical meeting. An online call can thus become an alternative.

CO² neutral

Measuring provides clear insight and quick wins on how we can avoid more CO² emissions. We will compensate for the CO² that we are still emitting by purchasing emission rights. In this way, all journeys become CO² neutral. By purchasing emission rights, we support small-scale social projects related to employment and human rights.

Our CEO Bart Van Zele explains: “We especially want to convey a positive message to our stakeholders. We do not wish to point a finger but want to show that everyone can contribute in a simple way. Measure first, then adjust your behavior accordingly and compensate for the remaining emissions. Every SME can get started with this right away.”

Are you curious about how we easily map CO² emissions and/or do you want to participate yourself? Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it!