The first Halito! training sessions are a reality! A beautiful combination of operational excellence and customer intimacy.

At Halito! we have organised group training sessions with various customers from a range of sectors in recent months. Cross-fertilisation took place between participants, who each had their own challenges and their own goals to achieve with regard to the organisation of events.

We can look back with satisfaction at the successful May and June 2015 training sessions, in which Halito! customers participated with great enthusiasm. Due to increasing demand, we are launching extra Summer Sessions over the holidays in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The feedback from the participants and the application of the theory in practice demonstrate definite added value. These training sessions will therefore form an integral part of customer service at Halito!. From now on, every customer will be proactively immersed in all the ins and outs of the Halito! intelligent event management software. The training provides customers with valuable knowledge that will translate into efficient and carefully devised online event management. In return, our customers gain access to Halito!’s friendly support.

This is a fine example of how operational excellence and customer intimacy can go hand in hand. Thanks to our customers, who are providing their input and hence challenging the Halito! team to translate customer requests into a state-of-the-art event management platform and customer service.

Some comments from the participants.

“Very clear explanation, mainly practical applications. New ideas that I was able to apply afterwards, brilliant! Keep up the good work! In terms of speed, service, innovation and above all your humanity and warmth. You are open to questions and you get an immediate response. You also get the promised feedback effectively and really quickly. Your service is great – an example for lots of companies.” Marina De Ridder, Messer Group

“Good refresher session and the chance to discover some new features and methods with which I was unfamiliar.” Anonymous

Till next time!

We’re looking forward to it.

The Halito! team