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We treat and protect your personal data with the greatest possible care. In this privacy policy, we show how we process data and how we respect your rights to access, improvement, data transfer, withdrawal, opposition and deletion.

I. Explanation

This privacy policy is based on Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation and contains the rights and obligations of the company with regard to the external persons whose personal data it is mainly processed in the context of sales and marketing of goods and services.

II. Model

This privacy policy regulates the processing of your personal data by the person responsible for the processing: VIA FUTURA bv, with registered office at Straatsburgdok-Noordkaai 3, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium, and registered in the trade register under number BE-0472.622.996. Hereinafter referred to as VIA FUTURA.

Please read the privacy policy carefully, as it contains essential information about how your personal data is processed and which cookies are used. By providing your personal data on the websites, or and the e-mail addresses stated on these websites, you declare that you have taken note of the privacy policy and you also expressly agree to it, as well as with the processing itself.

Article 1 – General

1.1. VIA FUTURA complies with the current Privacy Policy with the European Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, on the protection of personal data, as well as with the transposition of this European Regulation into Belgian law, which came into effect on September 5, 2018, and which the repeal Belgian privacy law of 1992.

VIA FUTURA also respects the anti-spam provisions of Book XII of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, with regard to the “Act on the electronic economy”.

1.2. The person responsible for the processing of your personal data is VIA FUTURA.

Article 2 – Personal data

2.1. Personal data that you provide us with are the name of the company, first and last name, and email address. Additional data is collected per category:

  • Category 1, as a result of your visit to our website: your IP address, surfing behaviour, demographic data and searches with which you found our website. This data is processed completely anonymously in Google Analytics, with the aim of optimizing the user experience on our website. They are automatically deleted after 26 months;
  • Category 2: when subscribing to our newsletter and other contact forms on our website: job title, department and/or telephone number;
  • Category 3: via cookies, as a result of your visit and surfing behaviour on our website. This data helps us to optimize your user experience (remember language choice, fill in contact details faster, ...). We also integrate with 3rd parties that are necessary for the operation and security of our site. In this context, the 3rd parties may transfer data from collected users. For example, we use Google's reCAPTCHA to protect our website (data collection in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy) and Google Analytics and Hotjar for anonymous visitor analytics;
  • Category 4: as a result of placing an order: job title, department telephone number and invoicing information;
  • Category 5: as a result of your application: all data that you provide us by e-mail.

2.2. VIA FUTURA can collect data from you (personal data) in various ways:

  • By using cookies (see below);
  • During your visit to the website.

2.3. The website also uses cookies that collect some personal data. For the provisions regarding the use of cookies, see Article 9.

2.4. To be able to use the Halito! ScanApp, permission must be given (once only) to activate the camera of the smartphone. Activating the camera is only used to scan a QR code. The Halito! ScanApp does not contain any personal data of guests but has access to the specific event for which the app is currently being used to check whether the scanned QR code is valid.

Article 3 – Purposes of the processing

3.1. General Purposes

VIA FUTURA will only use the personal data collected from you for the following purposes:

  • Category 1: taking care of and improving this website and including personal data in anonymous statistics, from which the identity of specific persons or companies cannot be traced, with as legal basis VIA FUTURA's legitimate interests to continuously improve its website and services;
  • Category 2: sending you direct marketing, newsletters, promotions and promotions, with your explicit prior consent as a legal basis;
  • Category 3: the purposes of the cookies, see Article 9., with the legal basis of your consent via the cookie statement on;
  • Category 4: the delivery and invoicing of products ordered by you, with the legal basis of providing a service that has been requested by you. You are not obliged to disclose your personal data but understand that the provision of certain services becomes impossible if you refuse the processing.
  • Category 5: assessing the candidacy and, in case of collaboration, drawing up a collaboration agreement.

3.2. direct marketing

The personal data will also be used for direct marketing, provided you have given additional explicit permission for this ("opt-in"). If you are already included in our mailing list for receiving marketing materials in paper and/or electronic form, VIA FUTURA may use your data to send marketing and other materials related to VIA FUTURA, its products and/or services. VIA FUTURA may use the information you provide to update documents stored by VIA FUTURA.

This consent can be withdrawn at any time, without justification and free of charge, for example by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided for this purpose at the bottom of every promotional e-mail message.

3.3. Transfer to third parties

In the event of a complete or partial reorganization or transfer of VIA FUTURA's activities, whereby it reorganizes, transfers, or ceases its business activities, or if VIA FUTURA goes bankrupt, this may mean that your data will be passed on to new entities or third parties through which the business activities of VIA FUTURA are wholly or partly performed are transferred.
VIA FUTURA will make reasonable efforts to inform you in advance of the fact that VIA FUTURA will disclose your data to said third party, but you also acknowledge that this is not technically or commercially feasible under all circumstances. VIA FUTURA will not sell, rent, distribute or otherwise make your personal data commercially available to third parties, except as described above or without your prior consent.

3.4. Legal requirements

In rare cases, VIA FUTURA may be required to disclose your personal data pursuant to a court order or to comply with other mandatory laws or regulations. VIA FUTURA will make reasonable efforts to inform you about this in advance unless this is subject to legal restrictions.

Article 4 – Duration of processing

The personal data is stored and processed by us for a period that is necessary depending on the purposes of the processing and depending on the contractual relationship between you and VIA FUTURA.

If you do not place an order for 5 years, we will delete your data from our marketing platforms.

Article 5 – Your rights

5.1. Right of access and inspection

You have the right to take cognizance of your personal data at any time free of charge, as well as the use that we make of your personal data.

5.2. Right of correction, deletion and limitation

You are free to decide whether or not to share your personal data with VIA FUTURA. In addition, you always have the right to request us to correct, supplement or delete your personal data. You acknowledge that in the event of a refusal of communication or request for deletion of personal data, certain services and products will not be available. You may also request that the processing of your personal data be restricted.

5.3. Right to object

You also have a right to object to the processing of your personal data for serious and legitimate reasons. In addition, you always have the right to object to the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes; in such case, you do not need to give reasons.

5.4. Right of free data portability

You have the right to obtain your personal data that are processed by us in a structured, common and machine-readable form and/or to transfer it to other responsible parties.

5.5. Right to withdraw consent

Insofar as the processing is based on your prior consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent.

5.6. Exercising your rights

You can exercise your rights by contacting us either by email to, by post to VIA FUTURA B.V., Straatsburgdok-Noordkaai 3, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium, or by using the contact form on the website, provided that a copy of your identity card is attached.

5.7. Automatic decisions and profiling

The processing of your personal data does not include profiling and you will not be subject to automated decisions by us.

5.8. Right to lodge a complaint

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your personal data or privacy query, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the EU Data Protection Authority in your jurisdiction. If you would like to be referred to the appropriate Data Protection Authority, please contact us.
This is without prejudice to a provision before a civil court. If you should suffer damage as a result of the processing of your personal data, you can file a claim for compensation.

Article 6 – Security and confidentiality

6.1. We have developed security measures that are adapted from a technical and organizational point of view to avoid the destruction, loss, falsification, modification, unauthorized access or notification to third parties by mistake of personal data collected as well as any other unauthorized processing of this information.

6.2. Under no circumstances can VIA FUTURA be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from incorrect or unlawful use by a third party of the personal data.

6.3. You must comply with the security regulations at all times, including by preventing any unauthorized access to your login and code. You are therefore solely responsible for the use made from the website of your computer, IP address and your identification data, as well as for their confidentiality.

Article 7 – Access by third parties

7.1. In order to process your personal data, we grant access to your personal data to our employees.

7.2. We guarantee a similar level of protection by making contractual obligations opposable to those mentioned, which are similar to this privacy policy.

7.3. The personal data used for direct marketing, provided you have given additional explicit permission for this ("opt-in"), will be transferred to MailChimp as the mail platform and to Teamleader as the CRM platform for processing in accordance with the privacy policy and the conditions of MailChimp on the one hand and of Teamleader on the other.

Article 8

This article no longer applies.

Article 9 – Cookies

9.1. What are cookies

A “cookie” is a small file that can be placed on your computer by your internet browser. A cookie contains information about your visit to our website. The information stored on these cookies can only be read by us and only during the visit to the website.

9.2. Why do we use cookies

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your usage preferences from those of other users of our website. This helps us to give you a better provide user experience when you visit our website and also allows us to optimize our website.

9.3. Types of cookies

Although different types of cookies exist, the legislation mainly distinguishes between functional or technically necessary cookies on the one hand and all other cookies on the other. The website only uses the following cookies:

Functional or technically necessary cookies

These are necessary for the optimal functioning of our website and are used to better tailor our website to the use and preferences of visitors to our website. This increases the user-friendliness of the website.

Non-functional cookies

Tracking cookies

These are used to collect surfing information. For example, by tracking possible interest while using the website. By means of tracking cookies, networks can collect information about which pages have already been visited and which specific page has been viewed further.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used, for example, to keep track of visitor statistics and to analyze trends in the use of our website. VIA FUTURA takes the processing of your data seriously and continuously works to improve the way we provide and protect information.

For cookies placed by third parties (including Google Analytics), we would like to refer you to the statements made by these parties on their respective websites. Please note: we do not practice has no influence on the content of those statements nor on the content of the cookies of these third parties: Google Analytics cookies.

9.4. Your consent

When you visit our website you will be asked to accept the cookies. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, you have the option not to visit the website (any longer).
You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending a message to stating your request.

You can choose - in general - not to allow cookies on your computer. Most computers automatically accept cookies, but this can be set differently by your adjusted browser settings. Please refer to the manual of the network browser you are using. Common internet browsers are, for example, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

If you choose to block cookies, some parts of the website may no longer function properly. Cookies can also be deleted by yourself - at a time - after an internet session. Please refer to the manual of the network browser you are using.

III. Contact information

If you have any further questions or comments regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact us, either by e-mail to, or by post to VIA FUTURA B.V., Straatsburgdok-Noordkaai 3, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium, or by using the contact form on the website.

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IV. Amendments

This privacy policy may change. The most recent version can be found on our website. The date of the last change can be found at the bottom of this document.
The privacy policy was last amended on May 11, 2023.


Version 1.0 - 22/09/2020
Version 1.1 - 11/05/2023 Adding article 2.4
Version 1.2 - 05/07/2023 Extending article 3.1