Halito! references

Halito! now supports 30 organisations worldwide that arrange a variety of events.

Customer satisfaction

Our focus: customers. Making customers happy with a product and services that suit them. And continue to suit them. Working actively with them on their business goals and inspiring with our expertise. To be able to do these things, we talk and listen to our customers. We want to know what their concerns are; what they find off-putting or what they miss; what they find difficult or easy; what their challenges are for the future and how we can help.

A reliable partner

Today’s technological developments bring new challenges in the protection of personal data. Security has been a top priority right from the start at Halito!, and it’s an area in which we play a leading role. We are therefore able to supplement our years of experience of events with cutting-edge solutions for protecting your data. This makes us the reliable partner for your event communication.

Halito! team

The composition of the Halito! team has not been left to chance. Every colleague contributes experience, expertise and responsibility, resulting in a complementary team. Meet our professionals who love to use their experience to make your projects an unforgettable experience.