Photo album

Share the photos of the event in a photo album on the website afterwards. Upload all photos to the media gallery, then create a photo album page. The photos appear in a small format on the website and are expanded when you click on them.


Evaluate an event’s success with a survey, choose from different input fields such as text field, pull-down list or rating scale. The results of the survey can be viewed in real time. You get to choose whether the guests participate anonymously in the survey or whether their personal details are kept.

Thank your guests

Send out an email campaign afterwards to thank your guests for attending the event. Share any photos, videos or presentations in the email, or a link to the survey. Communicate separately with no-shows. You may also wish to charge a no-show fee.

Event ROI

Halito! makes measuring the success of the event a lot more efficient. Various statistics and reports make it clear whether the pre-set goals have been achieved. This will give you an insight both into what went well and into points for improvement.