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Stimulate networking

Networking is an important aspect of events. With an app, participants can network, share knowledge and engage in discussion before the event. Connect people to one another through matchmaking, a list of participants or chat.


By creating interaction during the event, you can involve the participants and hence add to the overall experience and impact. Create polls, add a quiz or stimulate question and answer sessions between the speaker and the audience.

Personalise event information

Personalise the information that participants are shown on the basis of their personal preferences, profile, location or search behaviour. Offer a personalised programme and give participants the opportunity to save their favourite exhibitors or speakers.

Share real-time information

An event app allows you to communicate even more effectively with your guests: use it to provide up-to-date event information. You can also share important information via push messages.

Advertising space

Offer exhibitors and sponsors eye-catching advertising space, such as logo inclusions, offers, sponsored push messages or business pages.

Event app

An event app is an application deployed specifically for your event. It will offer lots of functionalities improving the impact of your event. At business events you can stimulate networking. Networking is such an important part of a business event, yet hardly ever successful. Using an app can improve the quality of conversations at such networking events. With an event app you can publicly display an attendee list or activate a chat function allowing guests to communicate with each other. Improving interaction during events can be done by using polls, quizzes or Q&As. Last minute changes to your event can be easily communicated using push-messages in the app. An event app is a tool that can give your event just that little extra spark.