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The responsive event site templates from Halito!

Use the standard templates that serve as a basis for setting up your event site. Thanks to the responsive templates, your event sites are compatible with PC, tablets and smartphones. The design of the navigation, text, and forms will be automatically adjusted to the size of the screen. Zooming and scrolling are kept to a minimum thanks to the concise reproduction of the content and the adaptive layout.

What is fixed in the templates?

The structure of the event site:

  • Language buttons in the upper right corner for multilingual event sites
  • Your logo at the top left corner or not visible
  • The navigation is horizontal, vertical or not visible
  • Provide a header image in the event site or e-mail campaigns
  • The text blocks ‘Where’ and ‘When’ are shown below the header image, or are not visible
What is adjustable in the templates?

Define per event site:

  • The colors
  • Rounded or angular corners
  • Images (headers, logo, background image, etc.)
  • Languages
  • Content (forms, text, video’s, photos, etc.)
Examples of the templates:

Template 1: Horizontal


Template 2: Vertical


Display on small screens