A website for every event

Halito step 1


Quickly and easily create pages with practical information about your event: programme, location, register, photos, etc.

Halito step 2


Draw up a guest list and import it into Halito! Send your guests a personalised invitation by email with a direct link to the website.

Halito step 3


Guests can register through the website, and immediately receive confirmation by email.
You have an overview of all registrations in realtime.

Halito step 4


Put photos, videos, guest speakers’ presentations and other material on line and send your guests a thank you email.
Hold a survey and evaluate the success of your event.

Your coffee break

A look back at the live webinar: The invitation that everyone takes up

Posted on 3 September 2014

254 event professionals participated in the live webinar that’s full of tips and tricks!

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Expansion of Halito! Netherlands team

Posted on 14 July 2014

The events sector holds few secrets for our new employee, Kevin Mulders.

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Some Halito! clients

Halito! has clients in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and USA.