The Open House

A leading international insurance company organised a relationship event in autumn 2016. At eight venues in the Netherlands, customers and non-customers, individuals and entrepreneurs were welcome to come and have a chat with an insurance expert and attend workshops on current topics.


23.000    Invitations sent
98,6%       Delivery rate
384           Total number of registrations, of which non-customers 74
226      New registrations for digital newsletter

“Although we are a commercial organisation, this relationship event does not have a commercial character or even a commercial undertone. Individuals and entrepreneurs – whether they are customers or not – need to be able to find us when we can help them, and not to encounter any obstacles to contacting us at that moment.”

The whole of the Netherlands is welcome. That was the main message in the briefing about the event. And it was completely true: customers and non-customers, individuals and entrepreneurs… anyone could register. Issuing personal invitations to associates from Halito! was just part of the total invitation process, which also consisted of advertorials in newspapers and social media and television and radio commercials with a total reach of 2.3 million unique people.

One important aspect of the invitation process was that everyone should feel personally addressed. To accomplish this, adapted email campaigns were used for different target groups. The content of the invitation was customised per target group, the introductory phrase and signature were also personalised and the proposed venue was adapted to the region where the recipient lived.

All invitees (whether invited personally from Halito! or through the advertorials) were referred to a single event site, adapted to the organisation’s house style. This entailed a number of challenges:

  1. For each target group, all questions asked and all programme items presented had to be relevant
    2. If a guest requested a meeting with an insurance expert at a certain time, that time slot could not then be available for registration for a workshop
    3. For each venue, a maximum number of guests needed to be able to sign up per time slot for a conversation with an insurance expert

After the relationship event, visitors were asked for their reactions in a short survey. The visitors’ verdicts were as follows:

…93% gave the event a mark of 8 out of 10 or higher
… 77% said that they would recommend the insurance company to friends and acquaintances
… 72% said that they had learnt about the event through a personal invitation

KPIs were not determined in advance, but the organisation naturally wanted to keep detailed statistics about email campaigns, website visits, conversion rates and visitor experiences among other things.