The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Organising meaningful events, however small, sets something in motion. This is why events are an excellent opportunity to connect people with one another and to activate people. An event has only succeeded when, after it is over, the visitors start making use of the contacts they have established and/or the knowledge they have gained. At Halito! we strive for the same outcome. We hope not only to inspire you but also to give you fresh dynamism. Use the accumulated years of knowledge of Halito!, our customers and our partners to stay ahead of the game.

Halito! expertise

Maximise the benefits of your event! How? It depends on your goal and your target group. There are plenty of ​​possibilities, but also plenty of risks associated with event management. Don’t leave anything to chance.


Event Data & Security

Information is increasingly exchanged via digital applications, with more automation, more technology and more data traffic. It is also becoming more and more vulnerable to external attacks. Can personal data be managed securely?

Event communication plan

Are your goals defined for your event? Is your briefing finalised? Is internal support needed, and what are the roles of those involved? What are the KPIs and how will you measure them? Always assess your action plan against the set goals!

Organising online events

With virtual events you are likely to have a larger audience. But how do you stimulate interaction between participants? How do you ensure that the speaker is accessible to the participants? Working formats that challenge your audience to participate actively are a must.

Impact of events on sales

If you don’t secure it through price or product innovation, how do you ensure engagement? How do you connect your associates with the organisation? If you want to be top-of-mind, events are an indispensable part of the overall marketing mix. Boost sales through consulting and relationship management.

Event marketing

How do you get your event in the market? When do you start the promotion? What channels and campaigns work for an event given its temporary character? If new contacts need to be recruited, boost the number of participants with tell-a-friend actions and other incentives prior to the event.

Paying event

Early-bird and promotional codes can encourage potential visitors to register in good time. You can use discounts to reward participants who bring extra contacts with them. Did you know that you can easily link the payment and billing process for online tickets to your own accountancy system?

Thematic training sessions

During our online knowledge sessions, we highlight relevant trends with an impact on events. Find out during our thematic sessions how you can improve your skills in no time. Want to stay informed about future training options? Sign up for our monthly email update.

Secure event data

What every event manager needs to know. Get insight into the risks of data management and the measures you can take right now to protect personal data. No big theories: just handy tips and tricks that every event professional needs to get started.

Boost the number of participants

How can data insights help you to attract as many relevant visitors as possible to your event? Expand your database by using social media, Google and other sources in unconventional ways. Make data really relevant. Start today: the data is open and waiting for you!

Automate the event process

Improve operational efficiency with time-saving and proactive measures. With a strong plan of action, you know in advance what data you need and want to exchange with the stakeholders. Keep an eye on the overall process and make adjustments where and when necessary. You’re at the controls!

Measure event ROI

The event has happened and it’s back to business as usual. Don’t put off measuring the achievement of your goals. You can arrange everything in advance. This won’t just reveal points for improvement. Seize the follow-up moment as an opportunity to promote your next event. Analyse > Optimise > Monitor.

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