Attention to detail makes the difference

At Halito! we help event professionals in their efforts to make events more professional. A practical event platform provides increasing insight into event data on which further decisions and actions can be based. We help with setting up events that need a little more attention. Event professionals pick up new impressions and ideas during briefings looking at current topics and best practices. At Halito! we strive for inspiring collaboration characterised by quality, efficiency and scalability. With attention to detail, because at an event you can only make a first impression once.

Halito! Digital Platform

Halito! means ‘Welcome!’; we relieve the event professional of the task of establishing links between organisations and their associates. Halito! offers pragmatic solutions that give you control.  Without any graphic or technical knowledge, you can design proactive and professional communication.


Make a professional and contemporary impression on your associates. Launch your own branded event communication with responsive technology so that your event site is suitable for all devices.


Manage everything on a single user-friendly platform – SMS and email campaigns, online payments and billing, including detailed statistics about your event. So that you’re always up to date!


It hardly needs saying that events yield interesting insights. Halito! helps you to set things up efficiently. You gain an insight into the opportunities that carefully designed data management brings.


If you choose Halito!, you won’t be alone. We’re just a mouse click away from you. The goal of Halito! – and of every Halito! employee – is to make customers happy by helping them do things better.

Halito! Consultancy

The digital revolution has had a huge impact on the event industry.  Communication is changing fast. The possibilities seem endless, which is why multiple expertise is needed. It’s best to rely on a team of strategic, security and technical experts to help you roll out an event.

Our advice takes the form of a concrete plan of action which provides a firm basis for several parties. We steer the implementation and monitor the processes from start to finish.

Halito! Academy

Halito! and its partners share their many years of knowledge and experience in the field of online and offline event management. Event professionals can pick up tips on powerful online event communication.

We would love to inspire you at one of our briefings, so that the visitors at your event remember and share your positive story.


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A complete customer event journey

Launch your event communication in 4 steps.


Create effective event sites as part of your total event marketing. For open or closed events, paying or free, personal or group registrations.


Proactively manage all communication by scheduling personalised email campaigns and automatic reminders based on the status of the guests.


After registration, guests receive an e-ticket and event app. Monitor all registrations and other reports in real time. Onsite check-in, badge printing, voting – it’s all possible!


Thank your guests and evaluate the KPIs using a survey. Share visitor experiences, photos, videos and presentations to promote your next event.

Halito! Areas of expertise

Event data & security

Information is increasingly exchanged via digital applications, with more automation, more technology and more data traffic. It is also becoming more and more vulnerable to external attacks. Can personal data be managed securely?

Event communication plan

Are your goals defined for your event? Is your briefing finalised? Is internal support needed, and what are the roles of those involved? What are the KPIs and how will you measure them? Always assess your action plan against the set goals!

Organising online events

With virtual events you are likely to have a larger audience. But how do you stimulate interaction between participants? How do you ensure that the speaker is accessible to the participants? Working formats that challenge your audience to participate actively are a must.

Event marketing

How do you get your event in the market? When do you start the promotion? What channels and campaigns work for an event given its temporary character? If new contacts need to be recruited, boost the number of participants with tell-a-friend actions and other incentives prior to the event.

Impact of events on sales

If you don’t secure it through price or product innovation, how do you ensure engagement? How do you connect your associates with the organisation? If you want to be top-of-mind, events are an indispensable part of the overall marketing mix. Boost sales through consulting and relationship management.

Measure event ROI

The event has happened and it’s back to business as usual. Don’t put off measuring the achievement of your goals. You can arrange everything in advance. This won’t just reveal points for improvement. Seize the follow-up moment as an opportunity to promote your next event. Analyse > Optimise > Monitor.


Halito! now supports 30 organisations worldwide that arrange a variety of events.