Welcome to our new colleague Dieter!

“Websites for dummies”: no complicated bits & bytes, but useful and relevant web applications that really make a difference, says Dieter.

After his studies in Sociology at the University of Ghent and several years of work experience, Dieter decided to change career. After first experimenting with building dynamic websites himself, he caught the programming bug. At Syntra he took additional training as an analyst and programmer. He also learned the intricacies of web development through self-study. Dieter likes to look at things from the user’s viewpoint when designing web applications. He is therefore also looking forward to helping with the further development of Halito! as an advanced and user-friendly web application.

At first sight sociology and technology seem to have nothing to do with each other, but in fact nothing could be less true. The two are inseparable in the digital age. Web designs with a social touch and smart tools encourage people to spread the word! They are thus a means to achieving a higher goal: that of connecting people and organisations!

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