Trending topics MARCOM14

A small selection from a great range of knowledge sessions during MARCOM14 at Amsterdam RAI on 3 and 4 June 2014.

Floor Bakhuys Roozeboom, editor of Adformatie, sums it up nicely: “Actions speak louder than words”.

Trending topics:

  • The platform as brand: communication in the network economy. Build your brand around communities and not around a product. The starting-point for communication is not the product chain but the interaction. Be a platform or work on a platform. The management model of the industrial age is over. You will be rewarded on the basis of your reputation. What’s needed? Community management. Don’t treat the crowd as a customer, but encourage self-organisation. Provide an (open) infrastructure to facilitate cooperation. Ernesto Spruyt, Mobbr (link)
  • Connect. What does the customer really expect? The most successful organisations are those that are genuinely interested. Never mind social media or business: be human. Sincere commitment and open communication. KLM generated better internal and external satisfaction with the help of live feedback on the response time to questions asked/messages sent via their social media. Listen to the feedback from your customers and build mechanisms that really matter. Polle de Maagt (link)
  • What is the success formula for customer satisfaction? Landal has been among the top five most customer-friendly businesses in the Netherlands for four years running. What is the formula for success? Despite the fact that there are 880 bungalow parks in the Netherlands, of which 50 are from Landal, they have an unrivalled ability to distinguish themselves by consistently: resolving faults on a timely and flexible basis, keeping promises, approaching customers with relevant messages, monitoring the internal culture and core values… – Bas Hoogland, Landal (link)
  • The secret of Coolblue. At Coolblue, everything revolves around customer satisfaction and growth. This obsessive focus translates into a truly impressive word-of-mouth reputation and a remarkably high Net Promoter Score. The result: turnover from €0 to €252 million. How? Personal attention from customer service staff, no shipping costs because the customer doesn’t like them, ‘corner-of-the-mouth marketers’ and high availability. – Pieter Zwart, Coolblue (link)
  • Increase your customer value in a B2B environment. How customer-conscious are you? Look from the outside inwards; identify your customers’ expectations. What role does your customer assign to your organisation? Why does the customer choose you? Match your core values ​​with what is important to the customer. – Hans Hylkema, Customeyes (link)
  • How should you look at a problem? Is there a problem, or is it just the way you see things? Rethinking a problem turns it into a reality and thus creates a new opportunity. Rethinking is about the way things are, not the way they should be. For example, the rock band Iron Maiden investigated where the most illegal downloads were being made and then organised very successful concerts there. – Berthold Gunster, bestselling author and founder of Omdenken (link)
  • Persuasion eats advertising for breakfast! Behaviour is the new branding (reviews, rates, WOM, relative value). The next revolution will be psychological, not technological. Rather than big campaigns, small lean experiments with a social touch show how you can connect with your target audience.  Tom de Bruyne, SUE Amsterdam (link)
  • The reflective communication scrum and the strategic communication frame. Old-school communication is a thing of the past. Use the SCRUM methodology, a disciplined planning method that is flexible in content. Constantly monitor your stakeholders and adjust your strategy. You don’t know who will communicate with your organisation and how. – Betteke van Ruler, Professor of Communication Studies, University of Amsterdam (link)
  • Show who you are. Increasing transparency and digital developments are causing the separation between the inside and outside of companies to vanish. Let the story tell itself through identity-based campaigning. – Friso Westenberg, Nuon
  • The Enthusiasm Trilogy. During this keynote you experienced first-hand how enthusiasm can make a difference. The secret of the most successful organisations? A company with a soul, a purple mouse among the many grey ones that do not survive. Use the key of enthusiasm in: strategy and innovation (flame), HR, management and internal communication (flow), marketing and external communication (flood). – Rijn Vogelaar, Superpromoter Academy (link)