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Halito! is more than an event platform. It is a fully integrated solution for managing your event communication. The fact that our tool is provided from the cloud has many advantages:

  • Less investment (or no investment at all) in bringing the software into use
  • SaaS solutions are scalable, so that the costs change flexibly with the needs of the user
  • No worries about software management and IT infrastructure
  • All you need to get started is an Internet connection

Security has been a top priority right from the start at Halito!, and it’s an area in which we play a leading role. We are therefore able to supplement our years of experience of events with cutting-edge solutions for protecting your data.

In addition to the precautions that we take ourselves, we advise our customers how to exclude potential risks in terms of safety, security and privacy.

Nothing is left to chance. With Halito! as your partner, you can focus on organising your event management efficiently and taking further steps in the success, growth and streamlining of your organisation.

At Halito! we strive for a permanently secure environment for all data. To this end, we take systematic precautions to ensure quality and security.

Some key features:

  • At scheduled and unscheduled moments we are audited by external independent parties so that our customers can be sure of a stable and well-secured solution at all times
  • We have recently moved to a European Amazon server. This ensures that personal data storage meets the strictest requirements
  • Every action that Halito! takes is performed according to a strict protocol
  • Every Halito! employee plays an important and active role in implementing our security policy
  • New technology platforms are appearing all the time, and Halito! regularly enters into partnerships with companies that complement our tool. Data protection is also an absolute priority when selecting these partners.