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ZLTO - ZLTO Festival

The Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation (ZLTO) wanted to organise a business event with a festive feel, to which its members would receive a completely personal invitation. The event communication was given its own look, completely independent of ZLTO’s corporate style.


10.000        Invitations sent
1.000         Number of registrations
65           Number of target groups

Festival feel

The B2B event needed to have a festive feel to make it stand out from other events in the agricultural sector. Although  ZLTO has its own house style, a distinctive identity was designed for this event, applicable to the event site, email templates and e-ticket.

The invitation process

All ZLTO members were assigned a number of characteristics and imported into Halito!, after which they were automatically divided into target groups. Through clever use of the characteristics associated with each member, everyone received a personal invitation from the departmental chairman, with content that was both relevant and applicable to the nearest ZLTO Festival venue.

The reminders were also sent in this way, with content from an earlier edition of the festival being used in the reminder for the subsequent edition.

Follow-up email

Photos and videos of each edition of the ZLTO Festival were made. Immediately after each edition, visitors were sent these in a thank-you email, and were also asked for feedback in a survey. Quick action was necessary to ensure that the post-event communication tied in closely with the event.


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