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Staff party @ The Poetsbureau

One’s a year The Poetsbureau organises a big staff party. For the visitor registration and communication they use the visitor registration software of Halito!.

The Poetsbureau want to progress their help of households. Excel in unburdening has been their motivation for more than 10 years. For achieving this goal, they offer attractive salary package, a warm working environment and professional assistants. The Poetsbureau wants to show appreciation and respect towards their 8.000 workers by organizing staff parties. The Poetsbureau only wants happy people on board and ambitions to extend their family to 10.000 enthousiastic households before 2020. Meetings are an important part of their employer branding.


Invitees 15.816
Boarding places 63
Open rate 69.01%
Satisfied participants 100%
Number of invoices 609

Star party

With no less than 15.000 invitees, a website in three languages, free or paying entrée and a bus schedule with 63 boarding places is it highly important that the visitor registration runs smoothly.

Registration, with or without partner

All the employees of the Poetsbureau received an invitation by the founders through e-mail. The employees received this invitation in their own language. To guaranty that every participant received their own personal admission ticket, people without an e-mail address were taken into account. The office workers were happy to help. The invited guests could, after receiving their online invitation, consult the event website for practical information about the event in Dutch, English and French. The Poetsbureau staff were able to register for the event free of charge, while a small fee was charged for their partners.

Well-arranged list of participants caused by an integrated payment process

This was an extra excited edition for the organisation of the staff party. For the first time they organized an event where payment is permitted.  This motivates the Poetsbureau to choose a reliable, safe and user friendly visitor registration system. A system that shows the state of affair in one glance. To guarantee a smooth registration, the paying quest had to succeed the online payment directly. For the organisation a big advantage because the payments were handled out immediately, without extra manual operations.

Increase the number of registrations

A benefit of the visitor registration tool is that you have an overview of the participants who successfully registered and the participants who are interested but could not fulfill their registration for any reason.

A registration on the event site could lead to one of the following statuses:

  • Announced = the employee registers without partner and successfully complete the registration
  • Announced and payed = The employee registers himself and the partner and transfers to the payment through a safety payment page where the payment can be successfully accepted.
  • Partly announced = The employee registers but does not complete the register form. The employee receives a friendly reminder to still succeed their registration.
  • Party announced cause not been paid = The employee registers himself and the partner, but before the payment can be successfully completed, they cancel it. The employee receives a friendly reminder to still finish their payment. Without a payment, no e-ticket.

Let the star feel like a real star

The main event of the staff party are the stars of the Poetsbureau. The Poetsbureau therefore wanted to safely transport the employees from all over Flanders to the event location and back. A smart bus schedule was set up based on the input in the registration form. The employees could choose between different means of transport at the registration form. Busses were offered at 63 different boarding points in Flanders and shuttles were used that drove back and forth from the station. This resulted in a lot of fun bus rides!

No paparazzi

The privacy of employees is also considered. The many beautiful atmospheric photos of the staff party were shared online on the event website. The photos were locked behind a password. This password was communicated in the follow-up communication after the event.

The next edition

How to evaluate the success of a staff event? The many atmospheric photos says, it all, but how do you know if the participants actually had a good time? Just ask J.  After the staff event every participant received an e-mail referring to a enquêteform on the event website. With a view to the next edition, the survey asked about the wishes for the next staff event. A great way to involve the employees and make them curious about the next edition.

60.000 customers

Are you excited about the ‘Sterrenparty’ and the story behind the Poetsbureau?
Have a look at the fun but most of all informative tips and tricks of Jo and Elly on Facebook and discover more about the stars of the Poetsbureau who are committed to the now 60,000 satisfied customers



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