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Build. Meet. Connect. The all-in-one event and community app, on a mission to connect knowledge

You arrive at an event, present yourself at the registration desk and shuffle around with your coffee in hand, looking for someone to talk to. Preferably you find a table with acquaintances, but if there aren’t any? Who would be a good discussion partner and who is interested in meeting new people? Lots of people find this rather difficult, but do like to connect to others.

Networkapp is designed to support people in taking full advantage of these opportunities. Our network features encourage event visitors to share their thoughts and questions and help unlock the knowledge potential that is often hidden within the group.

Advantages of Networkapp

  • User friendly and fun tool
  • Profitable in time and money
  • Plenty room for creativity
  • Easy integration of your event registration with API
  • We excel in customer service
  • Networkapp makes connecting easy and visitors happy

Why integrate Networkapp with Halito!?

  • Visitor gets access to the app and can start networking prior to the event.
  • Your guests’ personal programme is easily consulted in the app
  • Save time and maintain an overview: Manual import/export by the organiser is not required
  • Data security is guaranteed

Did you know that…

The Networkapp team is largely the result of networking?

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