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Digital technology for events, conferences and exhibitions

MIXX ensures smooth access control at your event. No long waiting lines, double registrations and difficult scanning of the e-tickets. Get real-time insight into which visitors are present and a absent. Thanks to the MIXX software, visitors can quickly participate in the event. Just scan the e-ticket, print the badge and the visitor can start an inspiring day! The badge can even be personalised. Furthermore, multiple access controls are possible, useful if you have closed/open sessions on registration.

Advantages of MIXX

  • Personalised badge: name, agenda and floor map
  • Multiple access controls: at the head entrance and sub session
  • Seating module: visitors can choose their own chairs and/or table
  • Twitter wall: visitors can come to the Twitter wall with a hashtag from the event
  • Interaction: through the voting system, visitor are really involved in the presentation

Why integrating MIXX with Halito!?

Through an integration between MIXX and Halito! the entire registration will be handed over. Via Halito! you invite your visitors and let them register. With MIXX you ensure that quests are registered and interactively during the event. After the event you can view the reports and thank your visitors via Halito! MIXX and Halito! really complement each other!

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