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The matchmaking platform that allows organisers to promote and measure networking between the participants.

Visitors of professional events can network very efficiently through Conversation Starter. Based on short and tangible conversation openers, participants can invite each other for 15-minutes-meetings. If a match has been made, the system will therefore arrange a time and place to meet each other during the event.

Networking finally becomes measurable for the organisation. All meetings and profiles that are created  are recorded in a well-organised organiser dashboard: a unique data source.

Networking is one of the important reasons why visitors and stand owners come to your event. You should not only give them the change to network, but also the tools.

Advantages of Conversion Starter

  • Efficient networking for visitor and stand owners
  • Networking becomes measurable for the organisation
  • Minimal time investment: our account manager arranges a big part of the setup.

Why integrate Conversion Starter with Halito!?

  • Synchronize your contacts in both tools
  • One efficient experience for the guests

Did you know that…

76% of our users indicates to follow up 1 or more meetings after the event?


Klanten Conversation Starter



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