Het Poetsbureau- Annual staff party

Het Poetsbureau organises an annual staff party for its 10,000 employees and their partners. With no fewer than 15,000 invitees, this huge event requires smooth-functioning registration and payment procedures.


Invitees 15.816
Delivery rate 79.71%
Open rate 69.01%
Show rate 83.84%
Number of invoices 609

Online registration and payment

Poetsbureau staff were able to register for the event free of charge, while a small fee was charged for their partners. Payment was integrated into the registration process and could therefore easily be made online. Guests registered and paid online directly. This was a big plus point in organisational terms, as payments were dealt with immediately and didn’t have to be chased up.

Only a small fee was charged if the partner of an employee was also going to attend. This was taken into account in the design of the registration form in Halito!. Employees who only registered to attend the event themselves immediately received a personal e-ticket by email, but if a partner was also registered, they were automatically redirected to a secure page where payment could be made online.

Payment Service Provider

Payment was made via a payment service provider: an external party specialising in processing online payments. After the payment had been processed an icon appeared in the Halito! back office showing that the guest had paid and registration had been completed. Any failed payments could be easily followed up on, giving guests another opportunity to complete the payment.


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