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Province of North Brabant - FRK2015

The Province of North Brabant organised the Regional Planning Quality Festival, an event at which participants’ input was important. For this reason, the total number of guests need to derive evenly from four target groups, to ensure a balance of expertise and backgrounds.


3.000        Invitations sent
200      Number of registrations
4            Number of target groups
105%        Download rate of event app

The goal

“During the event, a number of topics will be covered which we would like to discuss with our guests. We want to elicit expert views from four different angles, and the involvement/input of the guests is crucial to the success of the event. In order to optimise that involvement, an event app will be deployed, for which we will strive to achieve a maximum download rate.”

The invitation & registration process

When guests were being invited, a particular discipline was assigned to each one. A limit (which was invisible to the guests themselves) was set on the number of guests who could register for each discipline.

During the registration process, the limit for two target groups was reached very quickly, while registrations for the other target groups proved to be slower. Reminders were only sent out to these target groups, and this ensured that the maximum number of entries was easily achieved and the waiting list grew.

The event app

The guests’ input played an important role during the event. To encourage their involvement and ensure that it was not confined to the live event alone, a branded event app was deployed. As a result, interactions were also initiated and networks stimulated in the run-up to the live event and afterwards.

The use of the event app would only be successful if the download rate was as high as possible. In order to achieve this, it was included in all communication actions, with the result that 105% of the guests downloaded the event app, meaning that even invitees who did not register for the event downloaded the app!

Help desk during the event

During the live event, a physical help desk was set up where guests could go with questions about the event app and social media. This was obviously highly service-oriented and, because it was such an important aspect of the event, a smart choice. This was confirmed by the survey, which showed that the help desk was highly appreciated. Despite the fact that nobody used it at any point in the day…


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