Networking becomes a pleasure with Networkapp

You have been invited to a business networking event… do you feel like a fish in the water or do you find it hard to get away from people you don’t know yet? A lot of people fervently hope to bump into someone they know. Small talk with strangers is really not for everyone. If you, as a participant, are left to your own devices during a (network) event, you are lucky if you spontaneously come into contact with the right people.
As an event organizer you can avoid that uncomfortable feeling of visitors by putting them at ease beforehand. With the help of a networking app you create clarity before the event takes place about how you can make networking pleasant and relevant for them. It is a great reassurance for your visitors that you will help them to establish relevant new relationships during the event.

Promote networking

When you know the target group well, you can communicate and promote a relevant content program with inspiring content. By doing so, you aim to appeal to as many people as possible within the target group. The power of live, however, does not only consist of strong speakers, but mainly of live encounters that can lead to powerful interactions. Therefore, do not limit network activity to just an announcement in your event communication. You do not make sufficient use of business networking when you wait until the day of the event to find out who will be present, what their expertise is and what they can do for each other.

Supply and demand

Give the visitors time to think before the event when the event is successful for them. Identify the challenges of your visitors and give them the opportunity to share their challenges and expertise with the other visitors so that the right people can meet each other.

New match with Networkapp

Our newest partner Networkapp shows participants in a handy event app who the other visitors are, matches supply and demand by matching people according to their own needs. Networkapp helps the visitors to find the right conversation partners and stimulates the conversation even before the event and lowers the threshold to get in touch during the event.
We are the example of how a live encounter can lead to new collaborations. Because Halito and Networkapp also met each other during a live event and we were enthusiastic about each other’s products. By combining our expertise, we can help you as an event organizer even better to realize a convincing, proactive and interactive event communication!

Why Networkapp?

Halito! chooses for a partnership with Networkapp because of the extensive interactive possibilities offered by the user-friendly event app and because we both share the values to relieve customers and share knowledge.

The best of both worlds

Thanks to the cooperation between Halito! and Networkapp, the event organiser enjoys a total solution that stimulates live meetings before, during and after the event. The added value of the event increases because the involvement between the visitors already starts before the start of the event. Visitors automatically gain access to the event app after registration where dialogue is stimulated by means of a poll, live voting, a group forum and other features that facilitate business networking.

Halito! guarantees as always, a smooth registration and Networkapp facilitates the connection between the visitors. This makes the power of the network come into its own.

Discover the possibilities for yourself by trying Halito! and Networkapp for free for your next event!