Laughing for charity

351,653 Red Noses later later…

Based on the international format from Comic Relief, numerous charitable actions on behalf of the Red Nose Fund have taken place in Flanders in recent weeks. During these initiatives, a whopping 3,858,814 euros has been raised in some really crazy ways, in order to improve care for young people with mental health problems. Because as many as one in five young Flemish people struggle with such problems.

In the belief that ‘laughing helps’, we didn’t let the red noses pass us by at Halito!.

In early 2015, a number of people embarked on a course in improvisation. Among them was the manager of Halito!, Bart Van Zele. Almost a year, many training sessions and a few performances later, colleagues at Halito! thought it was high time to experience Bart’s improvisational talent in the flesh. And yes, we laughed and enjoyed some brand-new, talented improvisers as they entertained us with their surprising acts. One thing was clear, some hard work had been put into the training, and there was no lack of motivation. Congratulations are definitely in order for six sold-out evening performances full of humour. We’re proud of Bart and the other participants for their courage and their contribution to a fine cause:

  • 720 red noses sold
  • 577 spectators
  • 7,496.67 euros donated to the Red Nose Action

The registration websites for ticket sales for the theatre performances were sponsored by Halito!.

“Red Nose Day is an action on behalf of the Red Nose Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.” Check out the highlights: